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Videx introduces web server access control system for security professionals

by Brian Sims

Videx, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of access control and door entry systems, has strengthened its presence in the access market by launching a new web server access control system. The WS4 can manage up to 20 entrances locally or remotely from anywhere via a mobile phone, tablet or PC using a web browser to connect to the system. Additionally, an app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

The WS4 is able to accommodate up to 2,500 users and store up to 50,000 events which can also be viewed online or via the app. The system boasts up to 250 programmable access levels designed to restrict access for end users to certain days and times.

Sian Luxton, key accounts manager at Videx, informed Risk Xtra: “The WS4 is designed to ensure that system installation and use is extremely easy and flexible. There’s no need for a dedicated computer or any requirement to download specific software. The whole process is managed via the web server. Operators simply need to register online with their serial number to start using the system’s software application and have it up and running.”

The heart of the system is the WS4 controller which is available in a one entrance, two entrance and four entrance control cabinet complete with battery-backed power supply. The cabinet includes an Ethernet connection to connect to a LAN or the Internet, thereby allowing programming and management to be carried out from anywhere.

Luxton continued: “What’s extremely attractive about the WS4 is that full management of the system can be carried out remotely. This can include the adding and deleting of users, the changing of settings and the viewing of event logs. Up to ten operators can be set up with different access rights. For example, an administrator/manager or an installer or monitoring facilities only. Additionally, the firmware of the devices can also be updated remotely.”

Mifare proximity readers and coded access keypads connect to the control cabinet via an RS485 link, further simplifying the installation. Readers are available as a standalone surface in the compact black finish of the mini range of readers and can also be integrated into door entry panels.

In conclusion, Luxton observed: “It’s possible to set up e-mail alerts to inform the administrator or engineer of certain situations such as mains failure, devices offline or doors left open. These can be categorised specifically such that the right person is alerted to any given issue. For instance, offline device alerts can be e-mailed to the engineer and ‘door open too long’ events to the system manager. Additionally, a daily or weekly e-mail may be scheduled to inform the administrator or engineer of the health of the system.”

*For more information on the WS4 system from Videx visit: www.videxuk.com

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