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Videx enhances 4000 Series keypads thanks to new features and functionality

by Brian Sims

Access control and door entry systems provider Videx has introduced a new range of its 4000 Series keypads that offers improved features and functionality. The range includes three new models that replace the existing keypads and now feature an adjustable backlit keypad that’s available in a matt finish 316 Marine grade stainless steel (Suffix/M) or mirror finish stainless steel.

Neil Thomas, national sales manager at Videx, said: “The new 4000 Series keypad range provides great flexibility, features and convenience for end users. Each of them have a backlight that can be adjusted to the brightness users need, whether that’s full brightness all the time, full brightness only when in use, low light level or no light at all. The backlight level can be set for both standby and during operation. The new keypads also carry an impact rating of IK07 and an IP rating of IP6X.”

The three keypads are the 4901 (itself a direct replacement for the 4800), the 4902 (which replaces the 4900, but with the added benefit of up to 1,000 codes) and the 4903. The latter is a brand new keypad that’s been specifically designed for the GSMPRO range of intercom systems.

The 4901 includes three relays, each with one access code and two push-to-exit button inputs and can be powered from either 12 V AC/DC or 24 V AC/DC. The 4902 includes two relays and 1,000 access codes, while up to 400 access codes can be stored in the 4903 plus an additional 32 temporary access codes that can be programmed for a duration of 1-255 hours before expiring automatically.

The 4903 can be programmed remotely via SMS and the GSM app. Additionally, the 4903 also includes the same programming menu as the 4800 for backward compatibility. All codes can be 4-to-8 digits in length and programmed to operate a relay from 1-99 seconds otherwise used to latch and unlatch a relay.

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