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Videx debuts access control solutions range for end users

by Brian Sims

Door entry and access control systems developer Videx has launched a new access control range which provides enhanced features for businesses across the UK. The new range offers tailor-made products that are compatible with standard single gang flush back boxes, in turn making installation simple. The stand-alone or networked keypads, proximity readers and exit switches are available in six different colours to match surroundings and different types of buildings, both public and private. ” The existing access control product range available in today’s market is aesthetically quite limited,” said Neil Thomas, general manager at Videx.” Of course, there are a number of access control systems to manage entry through doors but most of the products do not fit in well with the décor of the building.” Thomas added:” The Videx range includes proximity readers, keypads and touch-to-exit switches in a compact design, which turns a necessary accessory into a modern, stylish feature within any building.” The Videx products are designed for premises where access needs to be restricted, controlled or monitored. This includes commercial buildings such as shopping centres, offices and storage facilities through to public premises like schools, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, nurseries and libraries. A key defining feature of the range is the multi-colour rectangular status LED. The proximity readers change colour depending on whether the user’s key fob is active (yellow), accepted (green) or denied (red). The exit switch within the range is touch sensitive and also has the multi-colour notification” whether the door is closed (red) or open (green). Uniquely, it has a very clear, visual status indicator with ‘EXIT’ engraved in large letters making it easy to locate and operate, even from a distance. Thomas continued:” The colour-coded status notification means all those who work within a given building can easily access and exit the secure areas. As well as making the exit signs very clear to see, this enables those with affected eyesight or partial eyesight to move through the building as they should. The range is compliant with the disability discrimination aspects of The Equality Act 2010, which is another important element for end users to consider when choosing which access control systems they would like to see installed.” In conclusion, Thomas commented:” The new products with large rectangular status LEDs are designed to overcome the difficulty people may have in locating exit buttons when leaving a building. The compact size and choice of colours also allows installations to be custom-made to match the look and feel of that particular building, whatever the required specification.”

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