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Version 3.7 of Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS “packed with new enhancements”

by Brian Sims

Intelligent video surveillance solutions developer Pelco has just released VideoXpert Version 3.7, an award-winning video management surveillance solution. Its intuitive and easy-to-navigate design displays what’s needed and when it’s needed, thereby allowing practising security professionals to make fast and effective decisions that drive businesses forward.

Version 3.7 offers the following new updates for end users:

*High frame-rate playback (smooth fast forward): VideoXpert 3.7’s fast playback shows both I and P-frames (not just I-frames) at 2x, 4x and 8x

*SMS notifications on alarm: VideoXpert 3.7 now integrates with Twilio such that an SMS message can be sent and received globally. Security professionals can use VideoXpert’s Rules Engine to send an SMS message from any event

*Event-triggered recording supports all event types: VideoXpert 3.7’s recording schedules can now be configured to use any event (including integrations and external events) as a recording trigger. All new event triggers can be used with a reduced frame rate and continuous recording behaviour to realise ‘bump on alarm’-type recording.

*Connect VxOpsCenter from a different network: Historically, a VxOpsCenter has needed to be on the same network as the CMG and VxStorage to stream high quality video. The now re-architected VxEnterprise streaming enables clients on a remote network and allows for CMG NICs to connect into separate networks, thereby providing the flexibility required to operate on different types of network architectures

New VxStorage option

With industry-leading performance throughput, VideoXpert’s cost-effective VxStorage provides end users with one of the densest storage capacities on the market, all while using minimal rack space.

The new VxStorage is designed for monitoring environments involving a large number of cameras and long retention times. The solution is said to be ideal for education and healthcare sector projects, airports, the gaming world, correctional and Government facilities and large commercial deployments.

VxStorage now features a 200 TB-plus high capacity storage unit with a smaller footprint and comes with RAID 6 storage, redundant 1,100 W power supplies and iDRAC remote management allowing for critical resource monitoring and constant system status.

The storage servers boost efficiency with smaller rack storage space and cost savings as only one system can cover most storage needs.

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