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Verisure “revolutionises” security market with £5 million investment in ZeroVision Alarm system

by Brian Sims

Verisure, the provider of monitored security solutions and a specialist in the development of new security alarms, has continued the company’s fight against burglaries and unwanted intrusions perpetrated against members of the SME business community with the launch of a new product: the ZeroVision Alarm.

ZeroVision represents a new alarm category that enables proactive actions to be taken remotely and immediately in case of a verified intrusion. When burglars break into a business premises, every second counts. Therefore, it’s necessary to detect the intruders and intervene as quickly as possible.

As soon as Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) verifies that there’s a real intrusion or a legitimate threat in progress, the ZeroVision Alarm is remotely activated, immediately generating a zero-visibility situation by expelling a dense fog that prevents the intruders from seeing clearly.

The host business remains protected until the police service and/or private security officers arrive on scene. Consequently, business customers will now have maximum levels of protection and deterrence.

Verisure remains at the vanguard of innovation and technology in the security market by offering customers solutions that guarantee maximum levels of protection. “All of our products are designed in-house by our team of engineers,” explained Horacio Perez, operations director at Verisure UK. “We’ve been developing this product for over two years now and invested £5 million in the process. That’s evidence of our determination to continue innovating and strengthening our monitored security solutions and alarms within the European market.”

The ZeroVision Alarm becomes “one of the most powerful and efficient security solutions on the market” designed to stop burglaries. Easy to install, wireless and supplied in a reduced size, the ZeroVision Alarm is Grade 2 certified and accredited with the highest standard certifications available in the industry.

“This product has passed through an exhaustive testing and quality assurance process led by third party laboratories and accreditation bodies in order to ensure the maximum quality standard and to offer the highest level of comfort to our end user customers,” concluded Perez in conversation with Risk Xtra.

Verisure boasts over 25 years of innovation, listing 2.6 million customers and over 14,000 employees on its books. The company sells and installs the most advanced alarm systems with voice and image recognition, in tandem offering 24/7 expert monitoring solutions and services from its ARC (which is Gold approved by the National Security Inspectorate).

The company handles more than eight million signals from alarm devices every year, with a response time of under one minute.

At present, Verisure’s security solutions can be found in 14 countries: the UK, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

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