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Vanderbilt completes acquisition of Security Products business from Siemens

by Brian Sims
CCTV solutions for end users

CCTV solutions for end users

Vanderbilt Industries has now completed the acquisition of Security Products from Siemens, the deal having been announced last September. The purchase fits with Vanderbilt’s strategic expansion plans. The new operation will be headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany with Joe Grillo serving as managing director.

“The acquisition of Security Products from Siemens builds upon Vanderbilt’s solid foundation and strong legacy acquired from nearly three decades of operating in the security sector,” commented Grillo. “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to finalise this purchase on schedule. It will significantly boost our market position in Europe by offering a wider and more comprehensive range of products and solutions for our dedicated channel partners.”

The Siemens product ranges – which include access control, intruder alarm and video surveillance solutions for end users – were identified as a good fit for Vanderbilt’s current activities.

Vanderbilt also recognises that the popular Siemens product brand names – among them Aliro, SPC and Vectis – are widely recognised in the sector and have a loyal customer base. On that basis there are no plans afoot to change them in the foreseeable future.

The acquisition will not only considerably expand Vanderbilt’s presence in the security sector but also enhance its competitive position in what is now a highly fragmented market that exhibits great growth potential.

Joe Grillo: leading the new security operation

Joe Grillo: leading the new security operation

With excellent coverage in the mature markets of North America and Europe, Vanderbilt is now looking to expand further into other regions including South America and Asia Pacific. The company’s enhanced resources and ability to provide more products than ever before are already drawing interest here.

“We’re the only independent business with proven capability operating at this level in the industry and have retained the ability to provide a level of service that’s agile, flexible and which meets our customers’ needs,” asserted Grillo.

“We understand the requirements of local markets and have an unmatched range of national approvals and multi-lingual capability. Vanderbilt also offers the benefits of a larger organisation, such as products that are easy to install and maintain, availability through established distribution channels and a commitment to reinvest at least 10% of our annual revenue into new R&D programmes. We will bring a refreshing perspective to an industry that’s changing rapidly and showing continued growth.”

Siemens focuses on solutions business for building security

Effective from 1 June 2015, then, the global Siemens Building Technologies Division has completed the sale of its Security Products business. All affected employees have transferred to Vanderbilt, which will remain an important product supplier to the Building Technologies operation over the long term.

Family of intruder detection systems

Family of intruder detection systems

Building Technologies is continuing to focus its efforts on working with customers in order to enhance their security operations, manage risk and maintain business continuity.

Siemens’ integrated security solutions reduce loss and improve safety across multiple market sectors, among them Critical National Infrastructure, the utilities and transportation as well as the commercial, financial, industrial and public space arenas.

“We will continue to offer our own security products from our broad Siveillance portfolio as well as the security element for our Command and Control platform designated Desigo CC,” explained René Jungbluth, global head of the solutions business at Building Technologies.

“Security solutions are a fundamental pillar of our offering. By focusing on our state-of-the-art, software-based security systems we’re expanding our traditional strengths in the solutions business. We remain a strong and reliable technology partner for our extensive customer base.”

*For further information on the Siemens Building Technologies Division and its offer for practising end users visit the website: www.siemens.com/buildingtechnologies

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