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Unreliable power supplies cited as “biggest cause of IT outages” in Timico survey

by Brian Sims
The latest study by Timico shows that a quarter of all IT outages are due to power failures

The latest study by Timico shows that a quarter of all IT outages are due to power failures

New research into the country’s disaster recovery habits has revealed that over a quarter of businesses’ outages in the UK are a result of unreliable power supplies followed by software (21%) and hardware failures (19%). Most respondents (39%) stated that the cost per minute of downtime episodes runs into the £10,000-£20,000 bracket, in turn meaning that such frequent power outages present a significant financial risk for UK businesses.

Conducted by Timico (the business Internet, hosting and communications service provider), the study affords a comprehensive insight into the disaster recovery habits of IT managers in the UK while at the same time revealing the most common causes of IT outages.

Alongside power failures and hardware and software issues, other common causes of an outage were human error, natural disaster and even malicious activity.

Andrew Fox, director for managed networks as well as cloud and hosting at Timico, said: “Whatever the cause of your outage, protecting your business from downtime should be a top priority. Today’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) are designed to mitigate against a drop in power. They represent the perfect fit for businesses that simply cannot operate without the entirety of their IT solutions.”

DRaaS is particularly effective for end users whose existing production VMware environment sits ‘off-platform’ within their offices, where power redundancy protections will not be at the same level as those found in a certified data centre.

“Providers have uninterruptable power supplies thanks to onsite back-up generators,” asserted Fox, “so with full replication to a commercial data centre environment, outages due to power failure need never be an issue again.”

The Timico study also found that only 5% of respondents were completely confident that their disaster recovery plan would be successful in the event of an emergency.

Despite this, only 6% have made the commitment to testing their disaster recovery plans more than once a month.

Proven long-term reliability for Dantech’s switched-mode power supplies

At the same time as the Timico survey results were unveiled, Dantech Electronic Engineering – the manufacturer of specialist power supplies and ancillary equipment – has revealed an astonishing reliability record for its range of ‘slim-line’ multi-purpose switched-mode power supplies designed specifically for use within security applications.

In production for over ten years now, the Dantech DA665 switched-mode range comprises space-saving models capable of supplying ultra-reliable 12 V power for a multitude of applications.

Dantech's switched-mode power supply solutions

Dantech’s switched-mode power supply solutions

Analysing performance data extracted over many years of production, Dantach engineers report that the DA665 switched-mode power supplies are the company’s most reliable power supply offering to date – even improving upon the incredible ‘under 0.1’ failure rate of Dantech’s existing product ranges.

Featuring an input voltage range of 90 V-270 V (with individually fuse-protected outputs) for worldwide usage, the DA665 product range includes both wall and 19” rack mountable versions. These can be discreetly mounted both indoors and outdoors thanks to its optional weather-proof IP66 rating.

The units are ideal for powering PTZ cameras with high-power requirements, camera housing heaters, washers and wipers as well as independent auxiliary items such as IR and white illuminators.

Dantech’s advanced switch-mode technology also produces low heat generation, further assisting prolonged reliability and service life.

Commenting on the company’s switched-mode products, Tim Scott (director at Dantech Electronic Engineering): “The DA665 range offers a very high level of power supply performance. Weatherproof and slimline, the unit can provide consistently smooth and regulated power no matter what the quality of input mains power, power load or climatic conditions. The DA665 represents a true ‘fit and forget’ experience for installers and end users.”

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