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United Kingdom all set to host 93rd Interpol General Assembly in 2024

by Brian Sims

The UK will host the General Assembly of the international policing organisation Interpol in 2024 – the largest global gathering of senior law enforcement officials and heads of ministries. The announcement was made during the 88th Interpol General Assembly in Santiago, Chile following a vote by member countries.

Interpol is a crucial partner to the UK, facilitating international police co-operation between 194 member countries. The General Assembly is Interpol’s highest governing body comprising representatives from each of its member countries and directly responsible for major decisions affecting general policy and resources. The gathering usually takes place over four days and is attended by approximately 2,500 delegates.

The General Assembly is a key opportunity to drive innovation and leadership in police co-operation and tackle major crime trends and security threats facing the world, including organised crime, terrorism and cyber crime.

Priti Patel

Priti Patel

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “We’re delighted to host the Interpol General Assembly in 2024. This highlights the UK’s strong commitment to make the world a safer place. The UK is and will continue to be a global leader on security and justice. We’re determined to build on that role by strengthening our international security relationships where it matters and enhancing our capabilities at a domestic, European and global level to protect the public. This includes investing in organisations like Interpol that are best suited to tackling the security threats we face. It also demonstrates our vision as a global security leader that’s always looking to invest in strong relationships with those who matter most to our security.”

Working in tandem with the National Crime Agency, the Government continues to co-operate with its international partners on issues such as organised crime and tackling child sexual exploitation.

The UK has been a member of Interpol since 1928 and shares the organisation’s vision for international law enforcement co-operation, continuing to work with the latter in order to lead and drive the agenda for positive change in the realm of security.

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