Home News Unipart Security Solutions unveils “industrial strength” service to protect SMEs from cyber attack

Unipart Security Solutions unveils “industrial strength” service to protect SMEs from cyber attack

by Brian Sims
Unipart Security Solutions has launched its Cyber Assurance services for SMEs

Unipart Security Solutions has launched its Cyber Assurance services for SMEs

Unipart Security Solutions, a business division within the Unipart Group, has introduced a new range of bespoke services designed specifically to protect SMEs from attacks perpetrated by cyber criminals.

While cyber security issues have long been a concern for larger businesses, of course, an increasing reliance on the Internet now means that smaller and mid-sized organisations are vulnerable to the same threats.

With 60% of UK SMEs and 81% of larger organisations experiencing an information security incident in 2014*, victims can stand to lose up to £1.15 million per cyber episode, not to mention suffer any long-term damage that may result in terms of their reputation.

The complex nature of today’s cyber security threats means that a ‘total security’ approach is required. That was previously available only to enterprises with large IT departments and significant budgets.

Now, Unipart has devised an answer that’s easy for SMEs to implement yet has the industrial strength of larger, enterprise-scale solutions. Called Cyber Assurance, it provides cyber security testing services for SMEs, public sector organisations and enterprise clients.

These services prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to data and show businesses where the gaps and vulnerabilities can be found in their existing systems.

Unipart also offers specialist training and consultancy to help in-house management teams begin to think in a different and more ‘cyber savvy’ way.

Physical and digital security solutions

Unipart Security Solutions has built its reputation on having a strong track record in the physical security space but now has the capability to provide security services across both the physical and digital worlds.

According to Unipart Security Solutions managing director Andrew Hallam, Unipart’s Cyber Assurance services fill a critically important gap in SMEs’ abilities to protect and grow their business.

Andrew Hallam: Managing Director at Unipart Security Solutions

Andrew Hallam: Managing Director at Unipart Security Solutions

“Few SMEs have recognised the importance of protecting themselves from cyber threats,” explained Hallam. “Of equal importance, many have underestimated the value of industrial strength cyber security to their customers. With the escalating number of successful cyber attacks on today’s businesses, we firmly believe that contracts may soon be won or lost on the basis of an SME’s ability to demonstrate a robust cyber security profile. For the first time, through Unipart Cyber Assurance, companies can gain access to enterprise-standard cyber security that’s tailored for the SME.”


*The 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and undertaken by PwC

About Unipart Security and Unipart Group 

Unipart Security Solutions is a fast-growing and innovative security solutions business with a reputation for delivering high quality services to both larger blue chip and local customers alike.

Established in 2008, the company’s demonstrable expertise is largely thanks to the decades of high profile security requirements of its parent company, the Unipart Group, which operates worldwide, has an annual turnover of more than £1 billion and is a leading UK manufacturer, full service logistics provider and consultant in the field of operational excellence.

For its part, the Unipart Security business division provides a total security solution for customers encompassing security guarding services, alarm and CCTV monitoring, system installation and maintenance, risk consultancy and investigative services.

Operating across a range of market sectors – among them the automotive, manufacturing, mobile telecoms, rail, retail and technology sectors – the Unipart Group offers a breadth of services ranging from third party logistics through to expert consultancy.

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