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UKTI DSO works with Transport Security Expo to help UK businesses achieve export success

by Brian Sims
Transport Security Expo 2015 runs at London's Olympia in early December

Transport Security Expo 2015 runs at London’s Olympia in early December

Building on last year’s success, Transport Security Expo – which runs from 2-3 December at London’s Olympia – is set to welcome over 30 foreign Government delegations from countries across the globe, including those within Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America while at the same time helping UK-based businesses to achieve export success in the years ahead.

This year’s Transport Security Expo will include delegates from four new foreign Governments, in turn widening the opportunity for increasing knowledge and strengthening global defences against the threat of terrorist attacks.

Organiser Nineteen Events is working closely with the UK Home Office and UK Trade and Investment’s Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) to promote the expo to overseas Governments as a highly valuable platform for learning more about counter-terrorism techniques and systems, and for meeting and doing business with the developers and manufacturers of these solutions.

The DSO already promotes the UK’s expertise and innovation in counter-terrorism such that the UK is widely recognised as a centre of excellence in the transport security world.

One of the main objectives of Transport Security Expo is to match the international delegates with relevant and useful exhibitors. With representatives from companies that specialise in aviation, maritime and rail security as well as secure transportation, major events transport security and border security, international delegates will have the opportunity to spend time talking to people from the areas that could be of most use to them. The delegates will also be able to network and make new contacts in the International Delegations Lounge.

Peter Jones, CEO of Nineteen Events, commented: “The UK is renowned for having some of the world’s best security industry specialists and companies. Transport Security Expo is a perfect platform to exemplify just how much demand there is for this expertise outside of the UK and how this presents numerous export opportunities.”

Commenting on Transport Security Expo 2014, Peter Retter (CEO and Commissioner for the Australian National Transport Commission, and Former Australian Aviation Security Regulator) said: “Transport Security Expo provides a unique opportunity to bring many exhibitors together with people who are involved in the security business, whether focused on aviation, maritime, rail or land transport security.”

As always, the event features an extremely strong conference programme

As always, the event features an extremely strong conference programme

Now in its 13th year, Transport Security Expo is widely recognised as the main global platform that brings Government, industry and academia together to counter the threat against our transportation networks. Its aim is to keep delegates up-to-date with regulation, developments and the latest technologies available to tackle terrorist threats. The expo features a large-scale exhibition with over 200 of the leading manufacturers, systems integrators and SMEs supplying to the global transport security sector in attendance. There are also free-to-attend conferences and security innovation seminars.

Transport Security Expo is open to all professionals in the industry, and provides an excellent forum for networking, enabling delegates to engage with current and future suppliers, meet with exhibitors (via the Hosted Buyer Programme) and connect with transport security professionals from around the world to share experiences.

*For more information and to book your place visit: www.transec.com

Interview with Simon Everest (business strategy director, UKTI DSO)

Risk UK has spoken with Simon Everest, business strategy director at UKTI DSO, about the UK Government’s export strategy for the defence and security sectors and the current pressures placed on border security.

Risk UK: Could we start by talking about your role within UKTI DSO and your background?

Simon Everest: My role as business strategy director has a number of different strands. I’m responsible for four separate teams – one covering our involvement in events and exhibitions both in the UK and overseas, another co-ordinating the support we provide for specific defence and security businesses in the UK, a third providing market analyses and producing our annual statistics as well as working on initiatives between Government and industry and the fourth team handling all of our internal or corporate functions.

Transport Security Expo affords excellent networking opportunities for security professionals

Transport Security Expo affords excellent networking opportunities for security professionals

I’m also personally responsible within DSO for the overall support of the security sector.

Before UKTI, which I moved to in September 2008, I spent over 20 years at the Ministry of Defence working across a variety of different roles.

Risk UK: You’re a member of the Transport Security Expo’s Advisory Board. Can you tell us about UKTI DSO’s involvement in the show?

Simon Everest: Transport security is an area that we’re convinced is significant in terms of UK capability and, from our perspective, for the exports agenda in terms of opportunities for the industry on the international stage. I see my role on the Board as important in terms of bringing that particular aspect into play.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been working with Nineteen Events to see what we can do to bring international delegations to the UK. Our posts overseas will work with potential attendees and we will invite them and encourage them to attend and look after them, where appropriate, when they’re in the UK.

Risk UK: Could you expand on the UK Government’s export strategy for the defence and security industry?

Simon Everest: UKTI DSO and the Home Office jointly published a Security Export Strategy at the beginning of 2014 that highlighted seven capability areas – which we identified with the various Trade Associations – where UK industry has a particular expertise and there’s a real prospect of export success: cyber security, counter-terrorism and law enforcement, services and consultancy, Critical National Infrastructure protection, border security, the management of large-scale events and offender management.

We’re now in the process of producing a specific strategy for each of the seven areas. The one for cyber security was published last year and it’s interesting to note that, since then, cyber security exports have been growing at a faster rate than have other parts of the sector.

Risk UK: How does UKTI define ‘security’ when compared, for example, to the Home Office?

Simon Everest: Within UKTI, we take a very broad definition of the security sector so it includes anything to do with law enforcement and counter-terrorism as well as the commercial side of security through to fire and safety, disaster relief and large-scale events – and, of course, cyber security. The Home Office, on the other hand, has very clear sectors of interest such as organised crime, immigration and law enforcement.

Border security is one of many topics to be discussed at this year's showFor the Home Office as well as UKTI, there’s a very important international dimension. The Home Office, where appropriate, is looking to form relationships with Interior Ministries with a view to learning from them and sharing experiences. For our part, we’re trying to encourage and facilitate joint venture partnerships between businesses on an international basis. If we can entice companies to link up with each other then it’s a win-win for both parties.

Risk UK: Border security is obviously very topical at the moment and also an important theme for Transport Security Expo 2015. How does UKTI DSO view the issue?

Simon Everest: Border security is very definitely one of the key areas of expertise within our export strategy and, as you say, it’s all over the news at the moment. Due to the fact that it’s a global issue, there will be a lot of interest in the topic from international Governments visiting Transport Security Expo and that will clearly create opportunities for UK companies.

Depending on whether it’s a land border, a sea border or an airport, UK businesses are able to offer a wide range of solutions, from advice and consultancy support through to the latest technology and on to the deployment of border security personnel. Given this significant export potential, UKTI DSO is more than happy to play its part in addressing the subject of border security with the organisers of Transport Security Expo.

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