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UKCMA introduces new online presence to highlight growing influence in security business sector

by Brian Sims

The UK Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) has developed and launched a new online presence specifically designed to highlight the organisation’s growing influence within the security business sector.

The UKCMA was formed back in 2001 to represent the interests of key commercial organisations whose primary business is providing crowd management and event security services. Members of the organisation meet three times each year to take part in detailed discussions that address the emerging challenges facing the industry.

In essence, the UKCMA represents the highest professional performers within the sector, discusses progressive views and engages with like-minded bodies at every opportunity. Importantly, its members offer a voice to the tens of thousands of security professionals engaged within the events sector.

The UKCMA is consulted by a range of associations and organisations including the Security Industry Authority, the ACS Standards and Strategy Group, The Events Industry Forum, Skills for Security, the Police and Security Working Group and the Home Office’s SIA Transition Consultation Group.

The organisation has a significant impact on the training undertaken and standards achieved in delivering services relating to public safety, always pushing the boundaries of training and education.

Reflection of progress made

The creation of a new-look UKCMA website reflects the progression which the organisation has made since its formation as an industry forum. With a record number of full and associate members, the UKCMA offers a powerful voice to tens of thousands of crowd management and event security professionals.

Mark Harding

Mark Harding

“The new website is another significant step forward for the UKCMA in that it profiles a commitment to addressing the challenges which we presently face in the security industry,” said Mark Harding, chairman of the UKCMA and managing director of event security specialist Showsec (itself a full member of the UKCMA).

“It provides us with a platform to set out the aims and objectives of the constitution, while also focusing on what has already been achieved in representing the highest professional performers within the sector, discussing progressive views and engaging associations and organisations, most notably the Security Industry Authority.”

Harding added: “Just as importantly, it reflects the impact which we’ve made in pushing the boundaries of training to new levels. In particular, the UKCMA has been a driving force behind the fit-for-purpose Level 2 Certificate in Event Security Operations.”

*The new UKCMA website can be found at: www.UKCMA.com

Key aims and objectives

The key aims and objectives of the UKCMA are to:

*promote the use of competent, professional and safe crowd management suppliers at events requiring crowd management skills

*represent the interests of the crowd management industry to Government bodies, consumers and other interested organisations

*establish, document and further develop common standards of crowd management competency across the industry

*promote the development of crowd management industry training standards

*liaise and co-ordinate with other related industry bodies, organisations and stakeholders which may affect the industry (including those from overseas)

*act as a catalyst and champion for the collection, dissemination and promotion of Best Practice

*serve as a vehicle for mutual support between members

Full members of the organisation include Showsec, AP Security, EventSec, FGH Security, G4S, Global Security Stewarding, Headline Security, MAN Commercial Protection, SafeStyle Security Services, SecuriGroup, Select Security and Stewarding, Specialized Security, SRM Security, Sword Security and The SES Group.

Associate members of the UKCMA are AWEN UK, Buckinghamshire New University, Capita Events Safety, Crowd Safety, The University of Derby Corporate, the Football Safety Officers Association and Gentian Events.

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