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UK police embraces social media management

by Brian Sims

Over 20 per cent of police forces in the UK are now using CrowdControlHQ software to monitor, manage and control social media networks. UK police forces have a combined reach of over 700,000 followers and fans and the platform enables the forces’ social media managers and communications teams to have complete control over which people within the organisation can post to the social networks, what they say and when they say it is crucial. The software provides a full audit trail, password protection, blocks inappropriate language and provides key word alerts. It also provides monitoring and moderates incoming posts for inappropriate language and offensive remarks. Police forces are using social media extensively to engage with the public, prevent crime and even to contact and ‘talk down’ potential suicide victims. At the recent Beyond Social conference Amanda Coleman, head of corporate communications at Greater Manchester Police, said,” We wanted to move from broadcast to engagement, we wanted to have conversations with people. One of the ways this has been achieved is by training frontline officers to use Twitter and Facebook. This helps people to understand the other things we do in policing – beyond arresting people – such as dealing with people with mental health issues or finding people who have wandered off from hospital. For us, as a communications team, embarking on social media in a new way suddenly showed the impact it could have.” CrowdControlHQ manages the accounts over 500 social media users in the police force, from the marketing communications team through to Bobbies on the beat. The company stores data in the UK, which is crucial for security and compliance to European stands.

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