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UK Certified Counter-Terrorism Practitioner programme dates for 2018 confirmed by SGW

by Brian Sims

SGW Safety & Security (SGW) has announced that the UK Certified Counter-Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) programme will take place from Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 February 2018. The CCTP programme is a three-day preparation course followed by an examination. It doesn’t attempt to teach a security professional the vast subject of counter-terrorism in only three days, but does provide excellent study material, Best Practice information and lessons learned, as well as real-life applications and a syllabus overview.

Today, the CCTP is the only internationally-recognised certification programme in the field of counter-terrorism and highly recognised in countries including the UK, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

Chief instructor for SGW’s course is Samuel Bashan, former head of the bomb security department (ISA Israel). Bashan served in the IDF and the Secret Service for over 20 years. He was a member of the Government’s VIP Protection Unit and also served as a team leader with responsibility for the safety and security of three different Israeli Prime Ministers.

Bashan is an expert in bomb security and preventive sabotage and, for many years, was the department head in that field. As chief instructor, he has trained hundreds of Israeli security officers stationed both in Israel and abroad.

The CCTP is a development programme and a credential providing demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection and deterrence. The credential will be awarded to eligible candidates who have successfully passed the examination, which assesses the knowledge of 14 main areas of the counter-terrorism field.

Professional standards of competence

Successful completion of the CCTP programme tells prospective clients, industry professionals, other experts and future employers that a given individual has met rigorous professional standards of competence in protection, defence and security planning.

Some of the topics addressed include suicide bombers, soft targets, Improvised Explosive Devices, active shooters and standard security measures.

Participants are required to have either one of the following: a minimum of a university degree and at least two years’ experience in the security, law enforcement or military field or relevant experience in the field of security, law enforcement or the military with at least five years spent in an executive or management role if the individual doesn’t possess a relevant degree.

*The programme of learning will be held at Edwinstowe House, High Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG21 9PR. For further information and registration forms, contact SGW direct via e-mail at: info@sgw-consulting.co.uk or, alternatively, telephone 01623 821508

**SGW Safety & Security provides safety and security assessment, design and programme management consulting and training services for the protection of people, buildings and built infrastructure assets. Originally established back in 2003, the business boasts a strong international footprint, with operating offices in the UK, Dubai and Singapore covering the EMEA region

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