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TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project publishes Operational Standards for security camera systems

by Brian Sims
The TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project’s Operational Standards for Security Camera Systems

The TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project’s Operational Standards for Security Camera Systems

For many years, the lack of any proper working standards relating specifically to the use of CCTV has created an environment where priorities have often weighed heavily towards the acquisition of the technology, with little practical regard to defining, understanding and achieving all of the vital operational objectives. Now, with the advent of the TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project, a series of Operational Standards is being introduced to help CCTV end users and operators ensure they achieve a far more efficient, effective and responsible level of performance from their security camera systems.

Given the vast range of video surveillance equipment currently being used in a myriad of security applications, the TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards have been carefully structured across a number of levels. They’re specifically designed to provide significant benefits both to a broad scope of existing end users and also a wider range of CCTV stakeholders.

The TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards comprise:

*Level 1: Platinum Standard (requires independent expert verification)

*Level 2: Gold Standard (requires independent expert verification)

*Level 3: Silver+ Standard (requires independent verification)

*Level 3: Silver Standard (self compliance – no external audit)

*Level 4: Bronze+ Standard (requires independent verification)

*Level 4: Bronze Standard (self compliance – no external audit)

CCTV end users and operators can choose which level of TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards compliance best suits their needs and, by following a detailed set of requirements and undertaking a thorough annual review, will be able to identify and then ‘design out’ many of the current issues and concerns which beset the CCTV and security sectors.

Initially, the TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards will be directly sourced although, subject to industry support, may in future be offered through established partner bodies or organisations.

In order to appeal to the widest range of CCTV end users, the Part 2 TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards documents are available individually at minimal cost and provide a benchmark for structured evaluations and improvements around existing systems.

Annual Compliance Pack

Having completed the workflow to the required standard, and undertaken an independent assessment where necessary, an additional annual Compliance Pack is also available to complete the process. The Compliance Pack includes a Certificate of Standard Compliance, a user-personalised TRUSTED CCTV Compliance Mark and an online listing in the Compliance Register).

Subject to ongoing feedback, the generic versions of the TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards will be further customised for specific sectors. Obvious applications might include schools and colleges, hospitals, retail outlets and shopping centres, hotels, pubs and bars, petrol stations, stations, ports and airports, museums, cinemas and theatres, etc.

The hope is that bespoke versions will also be developed for various other global markets, taking account of any local requirements or existing statutory ordinances that may relate to the operation of video surveillance systems.

The TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards are very much a ‘work in progress’ and, as such, any comments, feedback and suggestions on future developments will be welcomed.

Management and operation of security cameras

The TRUSTED CCTV Improvement Project began back in 2007, and has since been involved in the development of various documents and materials to help CCTV operators improve the management and operation of their security camera systems.

Although outlined back in the 1990s, the subject of Operational Standards for existing CCTV systems was first considered in detail around seven years ago. The current development work over the past 15 months was squarely based on feedback following the UK’s first National CCTV Improvement Week staged in 2012.

The initial Part 2 documents covering the evaluation of existing security camera systems will be available this month in PDF format, with the TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards online Compliance Register expected to launch in June 2015.

The Part 1 documents designed to assist operators in planning their deployment of new or future surveillance camera systems are scheduled to be introduced during Q3 2015.

While a brief overview presentation is currently available (on request) as a PDF format document, abstracts of the individual TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards will also be available for inspection.

*A newly developed e-Store for CCTV Operational Standards and support documentation is currently being tested at: http://www.trustedcctv.co.uk

**For further information send an e-mail to: info@trustedcctv.org

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