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Traka’s latest White Paper drives debate on future of logistics market

by Brian Sims

Traka has launched a new downloadable White Paper focused on the rising influences of new smart and automated technologies in the logistics market. The document, entitled: “Is Technology Driving The Future of Logistics’, looks at several factors impacting the sector from European and UK perspectives. These factors include changing customer expectations from a business and consumer perspective, technological breakthroughs and increasingly stringent Health and Safety standards.

Further factors highlighted include the rise in new business models and start-ups keen to embrace the rising demand for fast pan-global delivery.

Frederic Geneix, Traka’s business development manager and author of the White Paper, stated: “There’s no doubt that the logistics industry is experiencing unprecedented change as it endeavours to keep pace with the evolution in technology. Its impact has many repercussions, not least in terms of customer expectations to which companies must respond to stay successful. Our research in bringing this discussion paper together aims to highlight some of the influencing factors and their very different implications for individual companies. It shows the full effects will be felt differently, depending on industry segments, type of ownership and where they’re located.”

The White Paper focuses on Traka’s experience with leading UK and European retailers to demonstrate how supporting operational efficiency can help logistics teams to make an instant difference and add value. Traka also draws on dedicated feedback from logistics teams where key management has proven to achieve Health and Safety standards, support growth and meet ongoing requirements for long-term efficiency, productivity and critical process optimisation.

As a representative from one leading UK supermarket explained: “To keep up with demand, our distribution centres are constantly growing and evolving, driving new standards in design and the use of technology to ensure our products arrive with our customers on time and complete.”

Geneix concluded: “Our White Paper really only scratches the surface at what is a critical time for the logistics market and company success in an ever-changing European and, arguably, global economy. We have drawn on our experience with leading retailers to open the debate, but equally look forward to views and responses from as many different voices as possible. We hope to receive opinion, experience and comment so that, together, we can proactively support and shape the future of logistics to ensure continued success.”

*The White Paper is now available to download at http://bit.ly/2rnYO0Tf

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