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Trailer mounted vehicle inspection system

by Brian Sims

Rapiscan Systems has launched its Rapiscan Eagle T60, a trailer mounted, drive through, high energy X-ray cargo inspection system for rapid deployment at ports, border crossings and checkpoints. The system, which helps detect contraband and threats such as explosives, weapons or narcotics in cargo, provides high throughput of vehicles and cargo scanned and reduced operating costs for operators. The Eagle T60 incorporates Rapiscan’s 6 MeV X-ray imaging technology and can be deployed in minutes in response to any changing operational requirements. The system has two portal scan modes, a high energy scan, where only cargo is scanned as it moves through the inspection tunnel at 3-8km/h, or, with the optional CabScan mode, a low energy, low dose X-ray source is used to scan the drivers cab, switching automatically to a high energy source after the cab area has moved through the 5.1m high inspection boom. ” Scanning cargo and vehicles at a busy port, border crossing or any inspection site can be a demanding and costly operation. The need for a rapid deployment of a solution at challenging sites across the globe to effectively scan dense cargo at high volumes is of paramount importance to customs inspectors” says Frank Baldwin, Managing Director at Rapiscan Systems UK.” With the T60 we are addressing this need through the in-house development of a mobile solution that can be deployed at any customer site quickly and effectively, whilst retaining a high volume of throughput.” The unit, which can be used in all weather conditions, can be towed to an inspection site so that vehicles can be scanned as they drive through the deployed boom, whilst up to four on-board operators can review the scanned X-ray images in the ergonomically designed inspection office to facilitate effective scanning at busy ports and cargo locations. The Eagle T60 offers 310mm of Steel Penetration and a Wire Resolution of 1mm, with the optional benefit of Material Separation Technology.

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