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Total Security Summit seminar programme outlined by Forum Events

by Brian Sims
The Total Security Summit runs on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 October in Northampton

The Total Security Summit runs on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 October in Northampton

The Total Security Summit runs at the Whittlebury Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire on Monday 19 October and Tuesday 20 October. Organiser Forum Events has now detailed the dynamic seminar programme which features a range of speakers and extremely valuable content aimed at today’s practising security professionals.

Are you investing in security technologies and, if so, have you thought about how those systems may be able to deliver more benefits to your organisation over and above their requirement to simply meet its security needs?

In today’s world of burgeoning information, where technologies are converging all the time, they’re able to make significant contributions to the data and information an organisation has at its disposal in order to improve decision-making, organisational performance and controls. Understanding how this could impact on your organisation is becoming ever more critical for success.

Security technologies have often been considered in silos with a single functional application, but they’re now gathering so much more useful information that has relevance to many other areas of an organisation’s activities that they should be considered not just as security systems, but also as organisational information systems and general business enablers.

Would you like to know more about how you could very easily adopt this wider approach to thinking about security technologies and hear about real world examples of where this has already been done in terms of creating additional value for the host business? If so, you need to attend the Total Security Summit.

Looking to create value

Organised by Forum Events, the Total Security Summit takes place at the Whittlebury Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire on Monday 19 October and Tuesday 20 October.

Across its two days, the Total Security Summit brings together security professionals and key industry solution providers to discuss the very latest technologies and innovations in the marketplace by way of focused face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities.

The event is specifically organised for senior managers and directors who are directly responsible for their facilities’ security and Health & Safety remits and who are looking to meet with new business contacts such that they can form teams for their upcoming security projects.

This year’s event features an excellent line-up of speakers. The subject of value creation mentioned previously will be assessed by the first presenter at the Total Security Summit, namely Chris Worrall (design and BID director, Atec Security). Further subjects and speakers include:

Security Team Training for Handling Serious Incidents

Charlie Swanson MSc CSyP FSyI

Charlie Swanson MSc CSyP FSyI

Presenter (TBC): Charlie Swanson MSc CSyP FSyI (security consultant and security training specialist)

*Current threats: what is meant by a serious incident?

*Serious incidents: the perspective of the client and the security officer

*How a serious incident is viewed by members of the public

*Case Studies

Security Screening of Personnel: An Introduction to Compliance

Presenter: Paul Wallis (director, National Security Screening Agency)

*The requirement to screen

*Gathering information – the processes and procedures involved

*Obtaining authorities and permissions

*Limited screening and full screening

*Dealing with problems

*Internal infrastructure for compliance and control

*What records must you keep?

Security as a Value Add to Businesses

Alan Jenkins

Alan Jenkins

Presenter: Alan Jenkins (managing director, Cyber Security Pilotage and consulting director, JUMPSEC)

*Security remains a hard sell for most enterprises, whether internal, a vendor or service provider

*Security’s ‘value-add’ is difficult to quantify, in turn making any business case weak

*While the risk reduction effect is valid, security remains a reluctant spend for most enterprises

*What language should security managers use when talking to the business’ leadership?

*Have you heard of Harvard Professor Michael Porter and his ‘Value Chain’ philosophy?

Cyber Security: An Update on Government and Policing Activity versus Your Cyber Security Risk Appetite

Presenter: Mark Godsland (‘Safer Cyber’ advisor, Gloucestershire Constabulary) 

*What is the UK Government’s current cyber security policy?

*What is the police service and law enforcement community’s current work on cyber?

*What’s the current cyber risk picture and how is that affecting UK businesses?

*Security breaches have increased yearly and yet minimal investment in information security is continuing

*Cyber incidents are now a near certainty – business must manage the risk

*Despite training, people are every bit as likely to cause a breach as viruses and malware

*Drivers for information security expenditure are the protection of customer data and an organisation’s reputation

*The trend of outsourcing certain security functions and the use of cloud computing and storage continues

Moving to Higher Megapixels

Presenter: Marc Roth (Sony)

*For further information on the Total Security Summit and to book your place access www.totalsecuritysummit.events or telephone 01992 374100

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