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ThreatAware’s cyber security platform allows firms to provide proof of compliance

by Brian Sims
Jon Abbott

Jon Abbott

ThreatAware, the dedicated cyber security monitoring and compliance platform, has added a new reporting feature which provides businesses with a full audit trail on any aspect of their IT security.

The new feature permits users to create a full report on the status of their cyber security and record any actions they’ve taken – whether they’re preparing for an ISO audit and want to show compliance with security standards, demonstrating their response to a cyber attack or breach or simply providing additional evidence of their efforts to safeguard clients’ data.

ThreatAware is the only platform that allows both IT professionals and directors with no specialist IT skills to monitor their cyber security posture. The easy-to-use dashboard allows them to check the status of their hardware and software and compliance with policies and procedures. It has been designed with financial services firms and other regulated industries very much in mind.

Jon Abbott, co-founder of ThreatAware, explained to Risk Xtra: “Cyber security is now a major challenge for business. A data breach or cyber attack may not only severely damage a company’s reputation, but also that of its directors. They can be held personally liable. ThreatAware not only safeguards against threats, but also provides auditable evidence that the Board has taken all reasonable steps to ensure compliance and prevent breaches.”

ThreatAware provides complete IT visibility, alerting them to threats and making it clear what actions need to be taken and by whom. It also comes complete with a framework designed to help companies comply with the relevant standards, whether that’s the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, Cyber Essentials or ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Importantly, it can be tailored for Financial Conduct Authority-regulated firms.

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