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Technical collaboration launches “voyage of Discovery” for front line police officers

by Brian Sims

A collaboration between digital forensics specialist Evidence Talks and investigations and intelligence consultancy Blue Lights Digital is said to be “radically improving policing capability in the 21st Century”. Evidence Talks has chosen Discovery – a mobile app-based digital investigation package designed for front line police officers – as the platform of choice to promote, educate and deliver knowledge and assurance directly into the hands of law enforcement bodies.

Described as a “next generation training, intelligence and resource solution”, the interactive and immersive multimedia system entitled Blue Lights Discovery is optimised for smart phones, tablets and the cloud. For the purposes of digital investigators, it delivers an intuitive package which is continually updated and arms police officers, corporate security professionals and legal investigation teams alike with the ‘weapons’ necessary for them to combat increasingly tech-savvy miscreants.

The collaboration has combined the digital forensics skill set of Evidence Talks – described by Neil Beet, managing director of Blue Lights Digital, as “one of the leading exponents of digital computer triage in the world” – with the operational experience of his own team, the members of which have deliberately been recruited from policing and technology backgrounds.

The overriding objective of this collaboration is to equip forensic specialists with a mobile resource which will enable investigators, from new recruits through to seasoned experts, to attend complex crime scenes and achieve evidence quality outcomes from digital triage without any loss or corruption of data.

The app delivery method is accessible 24/7 and concentrates on simple and precise procedures, enhanced by the use of rich 3D models and graphics supplied by Evidence Talks’ group company ETL Visual Services.

Knowledge base detail

The knowledge base is an extension of forensic signatures from Evidence Talks’ SPEKTOR forensic intelligence suite of products, including the recently released mobile USB3 thumbdrive and Mac expansion card which converts a suitable laptop into a fully capable forensic intelligence device.

“As police officers,” explained Beet, “our team members have practical experience of using Evidence Talks technology and believe it’s the right system for the job.”

Andrew Sheldon, CTO at Evidence Talks, believes that there’s a significant skills deficit across the public sector when it comes to dealing with computer, cyber and digital crime, and that this new initiative represents a significant step forward in terms of putting matters to rights.

“We’ve been impressed with the commitment that Blue Lights Digital has shown both in supporting the police and around the public’s education when it comes to digital security,” he commented. “For example, in addition to our own collaboration, there are modules in Discovery offering free advice to members of the public about how to better protect themselves against cyber crime and how they can securely configure mobile devices and social networks which will help to keep people secure and safe.”

The Discovery app is freely available and may be downloaded from the IOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Users can then complete training and access investigation material on their preferred platform.

For law enforcement and enterprise clients, progress and feedback may be collated centrally in the learning management system which is accessible by trainers, managers or administrators.

For Continuing Professional Development, the system offers an effective education medium that’s available when and where it’s most needed.

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