Carl Meason

The World As We Don’t Know It

Is there a future for the security sector as we understand it? What’s more, is that sector fully prepared for what the future is already throwing its way? With due consideration of the sheer pace of technological advance, Carl Meason maps out what the 4th Industrial Revolution...
Posted On 20 Jan 2017
Andrew Hallam: Managing Director of Unipart Security Solutions

Solving The Productivity Puzzle

The latest official figures suggest that, last year, the productivity gap between Britain and the rest of the G7 nations is now at its greatest since comparable records began back in 1991. In fact, every G7 member – except for Japan – is presently ahead of us...
Posted On 26 Jan 2016
Paul Heffernan: Principal Consultant (Cyber) at Unipart Security Solutions

Targeted Attack Defence Mechanisms: How effective are your cyber solutions?

Scanning the latest Information Security Breaches Survey1, it would seem that 90% of large-scale organisations and 74% of smaller businesses have suffered some form of cyber security breach. On that basis, becoming a cyber security victim seems a near certainty for many. Paul...
Posted On 12 Aug 2015
Michelle Farrelly

Are security officers taken for granted?

With an average current staff turnover rate of approximately 34% across the security sector compared with the national average of 14.6% for all business sectors, Michelle Farrelly suggests there needs to be an understanding that perhaps today’s security teams do not feel...
Posted On 21 Jul 2015
Carl Meason

Leading professionals earn key promotions at Unipart Security Solutions

Unipart Security Solutions has announced the key promotions of Carl Meason (to director of electronics), Andi Hayes (to the role of general manager for security guarding) and Steve Mowatt (who becomes quality, compliance and training manager). Carl Meason joined the Unipart...
Posted On 27 May 2015
Unipart Security Solutions has launched its Cyber Assurance services for SMEs

Unipart Security Solutions unveils “industrial strength” service to protect SMEs from cyber attack

Unipart Security Solutions, a business division within the Unipart Group, has introduced a new range of bespoke services designed specifically to protect SMEs from attacks perpetrated by cyber criminals. While cyber security issues have long been a concern for larger businesses,...
Posted On 13 May 2015
Members of the Unipart Group Security Team receive their Special Recognition Award

Officers honoured at Unipart Security Solutions’ 2015 Annual Awards

On Wednesday 29 April at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire, Unipart Security Solutions celebrated the outstanding efforts of its employees – and recognised their valuable contributions to the business and its customer base throughout 2014 – at the Unipart Security Annual...
Posted On 08 May 2015
Paul Heffernan: Principle Consultant (Cyber) at Unipart Security Solutions

Protecting Critical Information: Four Key Steps for Ensuring Data Security

A recent independent report entitled the 2014 Information security Breaches Survey* finds that 60% of SMEs and 81% of those larger organisations surveyed have failed to secure their key-critical information and subsequently suffered the fall-out from a security breach. Paul...
Posted On 07 May 2015
Andrew Hallam: Managing Director at Unipart Security Solutions

A Better Way of Working

Described as a paradigm shift in thinking, the unrelenting march towards introducing new technologies across the security sector continues unabated. However, in this almost frenzied haste to be seen as leaders in the field of systems development, are we perhaps riding roughshod...
Posted On 10 Mar 2015
Andrew Hallam: the new managing director at Unipart Security Solutions

Andrew Hallam appointed managing director at Unipart Security Solutions

Unipart Security Solutions has announced the appointment of Andrew Hallam as managing director of the business with effect from 1 February 2015. Hallam takes over the role from Colin Moore who remains a Board member but is now moving across to focus on leading Unipart Group...
Posted On 06 Feb 2015