Best Practice digital safety tips for business travellers outlined in Riskline’s TCR

With cyber crime costing the global economy over half a trillion dollars each year, global travellers working abroad now have an invaluable new tool to help them stay updated on international technology laws, customs and Best Practice. Riskline’s Technology and Communication...
Posted On 22 Oct 2019

The Growing Importance of Risk Transfer and Cyber Insurance

As data mega-breaches dominate the mainstream news headlines, businesses worldwide are necessarily focusing on how to manage and mitigate cyber risk. The Marriott breach is only the latest in a litany of incidents whose repercussions will surely echo for a long time to come, but...
Posted On 19 Feb 2019
Deloitte and IBM are jointly delivering next generation risk intelligence solutions

Deloitte and IBM’s strategic alliance set to deliver “next generation risk intelligence”

Deloitte and IBM have announced the latest step in their long-standing strategic alliance which is specifically designed to create a “transformative series” of risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Significant changes have occurred in the risk landscape...
Posted On 18 May 2015