Leading cyber law academic calls for independent review of CCTV and AFR implementation

As the use of Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) technology continues to energise public debate, a leading cyber law academic has called for an independent review of how the UK implements CCTV analytics technology – and believes that this course of action is the only way forward...
Posted On 14 Aug 2018

Academic warns firms using CCTV not to be “caught out” by European Union’s GDPR

Organisations are putting themselves at risk of breaching the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) because they’re failing to realise that the new regulations cover their CCTV systems as well as the visual data they collect. These are the words of...
Posted On 09 Nov 2017

CCTV industry set to benefit from introduction of General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force next May, will require a wholesale reassessment of data protection for the UK’s 5.9 million CCTV cameras, which to date have benefited from relatively light touch regulation. In tandem,...
Posted On 12 Jul 2017

Cloudview survey finds CCTV images “too low quality” and “unfit for purpose” of identifying criminals

New research has found that a third of housing associations are worried their CCTV images are too low quality to identify criminals or intruders, even though this is why most of their security-focused managers installed CCTV in the first place. Organisations in this sector are...
Posted On 11 Nov 2016

Cloudview urges CCTV end users to rigorously check Data Protection Act compliance

Cloud-based video surveillance company Cloudview is warning that many of the CCTV systems businesses employ to protect property, staff or tenants risk breaching current data protection-centric legislation, in turn placing companies at risk of fines, bad publicity and even...
Posted On 01 Jun 2016

Majority of CCTV systems “leave organisations open to cyber attack” reports new Cloudview study

Cloud-based video surveillance specialist Cloudview has just published the results of new research showing that, while the majority of CCTV systems may protect an organisation’s physical assets, they also provide an open door to cyber attackers. The research – carried out...
Posted On 09 Mar 2016