Cifas' Fraudscape report is the essential guide to UK fraud trends on an annual basis

Recorded fraud up 25% and “increasingly organised” suggests latest Cifas Fraudscape study

According to the latest Fraudscape report published by Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service, incidents of recorded frauds increased by 25% last year. In total, there were 276,993 frauds recorded in 2014 compared to 221,075 in 2013. The single biggest threat continues to...
Posted On 26 Mar 2015

Law enforcement nationwide assisting individuals and businesses to guard against cyber crime

Together with a range of partners from across industry and the public sector, the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the police service are this week carrying out a range of activities designed to help businesses and members of the public guard against cyber crime. The NCA has...
Posted On 03 Mar 2015
Stephen Otter QPM

New five-year term for Stephen Otter as Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary

Stephen Otter QPM has been reappointed as one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Constabulary. Otter was originally appointed to the role back in March 2012 following a rigorous recruitment process which included approval by both the Prime Minister and Her Majesty The Queen. Otter...
Posted On 24 Feb 2015
Definitive Event Policing works alongside police officers to secure events

Definitive Event Policing launches to help festival organisers “cut costs, deter crime and keep public safe”

Definitive Event Policing – a high level specialist policing service specifically designed for end users across the events industry – has now officially launched with a mission to help show organisers cut their policing costs, keep members of the public safe and...
Posted On 19 Feb 2015
The Police Federation is warning that austerity measures are having a profound impact on the kind of service the police will be able to offer the public going forward

Police Federation predicts ‘catastrophe’ if austerity cuts in officer numbers continue

The equivalent of nine police forces will be lost by next year if financial cutbacks continue to bite at the same rate, according to Steve White (chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales). White is warning that austerity measures are having a “profound...
Posted On 14 Feb 2015
Theresa May MP: the Home Secretary is urging faster sharing on criminal records data among EU Member States

Home Secretary urges EU counterparts to move more quickly on sharing criminal records data

Home Secretary Theresa May has urged the UK’s EU partners to safeguard members of the public by sharing more information about known criminals. Speaking at the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Riga, May made it clear that existing EU mechanisms are not fully used by...
Posted On 02 Feb 2015
The first national picture of the breadth and complexity of the work undertaken by the police has been published by the College of Policing

First analysis of national demands placed on UK police services published by College of Policing

The first national picture of the breadth and complexity of work undertaken by the police service has been published by the College of Policing. The extensive analysis shows the incoming and ongoing work of the police service and suggests an increasing amount of police time is...
Posted On 23 Jan 2015
Metropolitan Police Service Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley

UK Counter-Terrorism Security Update issued by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley

In light of the terror attacks in Paris, the UK’s police service has subsequently been reviewing its overall security posture. As a result, Metropolitan Police Service Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley – the National Policing Lead for Counter-Terrorism – has...
Posted On 19 Jan 2015
Justice Minister Simon Hughes

400,000 requests made under Freedom of Information Act since 1 January 2005

On the 10th Anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act, Justice Minister Simon Hughes has hailed the legislation as ‘a triumph for transparency’ while also revealing that more than 400,000 information requests have been made since 1 January 2005. The volume of requests made to...
Posted On 06 Jan 2015