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Sword GRC unveils dates for Policy Management and Risk Management Workshops

by Brian Sims

Sword GRC – the supplier of specialist risk, compliance and governance solutions – has announced further dates for its popular workshops entitled ‘Risk Management by Design’ (being held in The Westbury, Dublin on 22 October) and ‘Policy Management by Design’, set in the iconic One World Trade Center, New York on 24 October.

The workshops follow on from the success of the Sword GRC events held in London last month. Hosting will once again be Michael Rasmussen, the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) pundit at GRC 20/20 Research and an internationally-recognised expert on governance, risk management and compliance. Rasmussen was the first professional to define and model the GRC market in 2002 while at Forrester Research Inc.

The Sword GRC events comprise lectures and workshop tasks on risk, compliance and policy management responsibilities. The Risk Management Workshop includes a focus on risk management strategy, processes, information architecture and technology architecture.

The Policy Management Workshop looks at creating a process lifecycle for managing policies, including establishing ownership, accountability, communication, tracking and metrics. Delegates will also learn how to map policies to an organisation’s objectives, risks, controls, issues and other GRC areas.

GRC strategy and process

Keith Ricketts, vice-president of global marketing at Sword GRC, said: “We’re delighted to once again be running our highly popular workshops on the topics of GRC strategy and process with the support of Michael Rasmussen’s expertise. We’re expecting the same high level of interest that we gained on our workshops in London. The fact that they were over-subscribed demonstrates how important it is for companies to have a well thought-out and implemented approach to risk and policy management.”

Ricketts went on to state: “The workshops are a blueprint for effective management. They’re designed to be highly interactive and provide a learning environment for delegates to fully understand and embrace GRC processes and architectures such that they can then apply them in their own organisations.”

Collaboration is required

Michael Rasmussen added: “An effective and agile risk and policy management function requires collaboration across an organisation. The workshops pull together disparate risk, compliance and governance information from different operations to provide meaningful information for decision-makers, including the Board and senior management, GRC professionals and business managers.”

Rasmussen concluded: “The workshops have been designed to help attendees define a framework for risk and policy management. The agendas also include sessions on how technology can play a critical role in supporting operations to manage and provide the required information and metrics for GRC-related issues across the enterprise.”

*For more information or to book your place visit: https://www.sword-grc.com/events/

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