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Sword GRC set to host Risk Workshop in central London led by Michael Rasmussen

by Brian Sims

Specialist risk, compliance and governance solutions provider Sword GRC is to host a Risk Workshop on 12 June in central London. The event, which runs under the banner ‘Risk Management by Design’, is to be led by renowned GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen and will provide delegates with a blueprint for implementing a ‘top down, bottom up’ approach towards enterprise risk management.

The day-long event encompasses everything from defining a high-level risk strategy through to effective risk-based policy management in the context of business operations/processes.

To be held at the Dorchester Hotel on London’s Park Lane, the Workshop will include a focus on the following:

*Risk Management Strategy (in the context of business performance, strategy, objectives, corporate culture and values)

*Risk Management Processes (how to design processes to fit with the rhythm of the business)

*Risk Management Information Architecture (to provide a 360⁰ situational awareness of risk in support of an overall view of risk to the business)

*Risk Management Technology Architecture (to pull together distributed risk management roles and integrate risk into the culture and operations of the business)

Michael Rasmussen informed Risk Xtra: “Siloed approaches to risk management mean that organisations are often unable to see the bigger picture and the interconnectedness of risk. By centralising risk, an organisation may reduce risk management to a one-size-fits-all model that fails to adequately manage and monitor risk. An effective and agile risk management function is collaborative and federated across departments to pull together disparate risk information from different operations and provide meaningful information for decision-makers including the Board and senior management, GRC professionals and ‘line of business’ managers.”

Keith Ricketts, vice-president of global marketing at Sword GRC, added: “In today’s increasingly complex business environment with stringent industry regulations, globalisation and international operations that include extended supply chains, more than ever organisations can benefit from applying risk to every aspect of their business. An enterprise-wide ‘Single View of Risk’ supports a risk-based approach to decision-making processes, ensuring that organisations understand their exposure to risk and are able to grab opportunities and gain competitive advantage.”

*For more information and to register for the Sword GRC ‘Risk Management by Design’ Workshop visit: https://www.sword-grc.com/risk-management-by-design/

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