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Sword GRC announces trio of GRC Global Conference Series dates for 2019

by Brian Sims

Sword GRC, the supplier of specialist governance, risk and compliance solutions, has announced the dates for its Sword GRC Global Conference Series in 2019. The first event is being held on 24-25 September in the Hyatt Regency Reston, Washington DC, with the second in London on 17 October 2019 at The Dorchester Hotel. The third and final conference will be on 12 November at The Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. 

All of the events will host renowned speakers from their varied fields, including the military and business world, sharing their experiences and providing unique insights on modern day risk in everyday and corporate life. As well as hearing about the latest developments on the new Sword GRC Platform, delegates will also have the opportunity to network with industry peers and attend workshops and Q&As on the issues around risk, policy and audit management in the enterprise.

Keith Ricketts, vice-president of global marketing at Sword GRC, said: “Sword GRC’s Global Conference Series has become a ‘must attend’ annual event in the risk manager’s calendar. Our aim is always to provide inspirational and pioneering speakers in their area who raise issues and stimulate discussion about risk and how it permeates every area of our working lives. We also provide a forum to outline our product roadmap and for industry peers to network and share Best Practice.”

Ricketts added: “This year, we will be setting out the future for the Sword GRC Platform that delivers a varied range of solutions to support better business decisions through a single view of risk. We’ll present on how our Sword GRC Platform provides a consolidated view of risk to enable collaborative working and efficiently address the most critical issues in the enterprise. We hope that the events will stimulate delegates to challenge how they manage governance, risk and compliance for improved business outcomes and competitive advantage.”

*For more information, and to register, visit: https://www.sword-grc.com/grc-conference-2019/

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