Home Technology StaySafe app enables employers to instantly locate staff in event of terror attack

StaySafe app enables employers to instantly locate staff in event of terror attack

by Brian Sims

Safety app specialist StaySafe has launched IncidentEye, an app that allows companies to quickly locate and monitor the safety of their staff in the event of a terror attack or other emergency scenario.

IncidentEye, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, is a smart phone app and cloud-based hub which allows an employer to rapidly locate and protect employees during an emergency. The solution has been developed in response to the growing number of incidents, both man-made and natural, that are affecting businesses around the world.

“Recent years have seen a rise in terror attacks and active shooter incidents, while climate change experts predict that warmer temperatures and high tides will continue to increase the number of natural disasters occurring,” commented Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe. “These events are unpredictable and can cause considerable panic and disruption, both to staff and business operations. IncidentEye provides organisations with an effective way to instantly respond in the event of an emergency and monitor the well-being of their staff. The app provides real-time information to instantly ascertain where employees are located, ring-fences those in the area and communicates with them until everyone is accounted for, with minimal disruption to the rest of the workforce.”

The app, which lies dormant on staff phones until an incident is triggered by their employer, uses location data to establish if any employees are in the danger zone and prompt them to check-in safely. The app can then be used to communicate with affected staff, sharing up-to-date safety information and warning any nearby employees to avoid the area until the incident is resolved. Status information and communications are also tracked throughout and saved as a report and audit trail.

Owen Loeffellechner, chief safety and security officer at the Bank of New Zealand, is one of the first clients to go live with the new app. “The safety and well-being of our people is paramount and so we’re continuously looking at ways in which we can better exercise our Duty of Care,” stated Loeffellechner. “As a business, we have a large national footprint consisting of many locations, including an active mobile workforce. The combination of these elements, industry-related risks and a country that can be subjected to earthquakes mean emergency communication is essential. We’re very pleased to have adopted IncidentEye as our emergency communications service. We believe that, in times of an emergency, this will contribute significantly towards our capability to confirm the welfare status of our people and provide a timely response, or to proactively communicate with them about serious threats.”

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