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Specialist Resettlement Division for ex-Armed Forces personnel introduced by Tavcom Training

by Brian Sims
Tavcom Training has formed a new Resettlement Division for Armed Forces leavers transitioning to roles in the private security sector

Tavcom Training has formed a new Resettlement Division for Armed Forces leavers transitioning to roles in the private security sector

Tavcom Training, the popular supplier of detailed security systems training, has formed a new division which will focus specifically on facilitating the transition of ex-Armed Forces personnel into the security sector. 

Many of those leaving the Armed Forces, of course, have the core transferable skills and attributes necessary for a post-military career within the private security sector. Acknowledging that those leaving the Armed Forces already have access to resettlement support, the Tavcom Resettlement Division package builds on what’s already available by tailoring and directing information to the security arena.

The core of the package is represented by the provision of Tavcom BTEC-accredited training, career progression advice and the direction of applicants towards sources of key industry information.

Chris Pinder, who joined Tavcom last October from the National Security Inspectorate, will head up the new Tavcom Resettlement Division.

“There are a number of initiatives such as Engineers of Tomorrow that are raising the profile of security as a progressive and rewarding profession,” explained Pinder. “However, there’s still so much more that the security sector can do to proactively promote itself as a rewarding career choice. We’re very excited about what we can achieve through this initiative at Tavcom. By focusing on ex-Armed Forces personnel, Tavcom Resettlement will be making a significant investment in directing the talent leaving Her Majesty’s Armed Forces to ‘think Security’.”

Chris Pinder of Tavcom Training

Chris Pinder of Tavcom Training

Paul Tennent, Tavcom’s managing director, is equally enthusiastic about the move. “This unique resettlement support initiative is a natural extension to our training activities,” he told Risk UK. “It means that we can help hone the skills of ex-Armed Forces personnel towards a security environment, enabling them to be ‘job ready’ and a valuable asset for their new employers right from Day One.”

The Tavcom Resettlement Division will only be looking to work with those who are leaving or have recently left the Armed Forces. “It’s important to emphasise that Tavcom Resettlement is a transition process and not a recruitment agency,” urged Tennent. “We will not be dealing with those already employed in the security sector who may simply be looking to transfer to new positions. However, we’re keen to work with employers across the security sector by way of introducing them to a fresh pool of skilled and technically astute potential candidates.”

In conclusion, Chris Pinder added: “We’re extremely keen to speak to any employers who are looking to recruit for security systems and security management-related positions. Employers or ex-Armed Forces personnel can find out more information and contact us via our website at: www.tavcom.com.”

Security systems training courses

Tavcom provides industry-leading security systems training courses to installers, operators, managers and designers of CCTV, network IP, intruder alarms, access control, fire alarms and all other types of electronic security systems.

A wide range of technical and non-technical courses cover all security systems-related fields including security management, Control Room operations, system planning and project management, structured cabling, disaster recovery, counter-eavesdropping, PAT testing and covert CCTV.

Tavcom’s workshops provide unrivalled ‘hands-on’ facilities which offer immediate opportunities to put theory into practice – a Tavcom tradition of blended learning that has refined the knowledge and skills of thousands of delegates over nearly 20 years.

Tavcom's md Paul Tennent

Tavcom’s md Paul Tennent

Courses are available to meet the training requirements of security personnel at all levels, from foundation-level instruction for those with little or no previous experience through to highly advanced programmes configured for Control Room supervisors, security managers and company executives.

In total, Tavcom currently offers over 70 regularly scheduled training courses ranging from one-day seminars through to five-day, fully-residential programmes.

The Tavcom Academy specialises in the development, promotion and provision of accredited online e-learning courses to students from around the globe. A subscription-based arm of the Academy offers online education, technical tips and industry news.

Publication of Prospectus for 2015

The company has just introduced its Prospectus for 2015. An online version of the Prospectus can be viewed at www.tavcom.com while a printed copy is available upon request by sending an e-mail with your contact details to: sales@tavcom.com

Tavcom's 2015 Course Directory

Tavcom’s 2015 Course Directory

“Clients who’ve used our Prospectus in the past to research the course which best meets their training needs will notice that the 2015 version looks considerably different to previous years,” said Paul Tennent. “We’ve changed it to a more practical size but, more importantly, we’ve also improved the layout and the way in which courses are summarised. We believe this will make it easier at first glance to understand and appreciate what each course has to offer prospective delegates.”

A number of new courses have recently been introduced by Tavcom, including e-learning online access control and intruder and perimeter alarms courses, both of which are designed to provide consultants and specifiers (as well as anyone who’s embarking on a career within the security industry) with the knowledge and understanding needed for designing cost-effective, fit for purpose solutions conforming to relevant national and international regulations.

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