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Southeastern upgrades security

by Brian Sims

The operation centre for Southeastern Trains, in Ramsgate, serves over 170 stations throughout Kent, East Sussex and London and employs over 3,800 people. Over the past year, Southeastern Trains has upgraded security at its Ramsgate Engineering Depot, where its trains are maintained, cleaned and serviced. Ramsgate is also an important location for the comings and goings of many of the company’s staff. The initial requirement for the project was to increase security at barriers in and out of the site, ensuring access was strictly monitored. The installer, ICL, approached Castel because its Softphone Intercom product fitted the client’s requirements. The CAP IP V1B (single-button video) intercom has now been installed at the depot’s gates and barriers. The system calls back to operators who use Castel’s Xellip Media Softphone on their PCs to answer calls and view images. Calls are diverted out of hours to the Southeastern Trains control room, which is at a different location. Thanks to the ease of installation of the equipment and the way in which the intercoms can be integrated into Southeastern’s expanding system, further access control solutions at the site have been earmarked for development throughout 2014.

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