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SIA audit confirms TC Security Services’ place in Top 2% of ACS-listed companies

by Brian Sims
TC Security Services has just scored 163 in its latest SIA ACS audit

TC Security Services has just scored 163 in its latest SIA ACS audit

TC Security Services, part of TC Facilities Management, has just registered an Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) audit score of 163. The business has retained its position in the Top 2% of the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) listed companies within the ACS while also increasing its overall score from last July’s audit result of 160.

The four-day audit procedure witnessed a full scrutiny of the TC Security Services operation with auditors visiting both the company’s headquarters in Tadworth, Surrey and satellite offices as well as a mix of present customers who receive security solutions from the business.

Gaining and retaining SIA ACS status gives both existing and potential customers the confidence that the business’ services have been independently assessed against recognised standards and procedures and that all operational security personnel have been correctly trained for the roles they’re performing.

Good practices highlighted by the SIA’s auditors included:

*Encouraging and providing access to e-learning facilities for all members of staff

*Regular testing of emergency and contingency plans for continuing assessment of effectiveness

*Recognising security officers’ achievements through the company’s ‘Everyday Thank You’ scheme and publicising them in the company newsletter entitled ‘Eclipse’

Also mentioned by the auditors was the fact that staff are very aware of the impact of good service delivery along with the high level of satisfaction by customers. In addition to this, unsolicited comments made by customers and consumers at the many sites visited over the four-day process included:

“We value the relationships that have been built over the years” Consumer

“They clearly place great value in the staff they employ” Customer

“I would happily recommend them” Customer

“Thoroughly professional. No problems with them at all” Customer

“Very impressed. Calm and courteous staff” Consumer

“Discreet and effective” Customer

In response to the latest ACS audit score, Steve Boyden (managing director of TC Security Services) said: “This result has personally given me a huge sense of achievement for which I can take little credit. I’m fortunate enough to have a highly enthusiastic and committed team working with me who understand the importance of the ACS and the confidence it affords both our existing and potential clients. However, the real unsung heroes here are our excellent team of security officers who, day in and day out, strive to deliver a standard of service that achieves the level of score we have witnessed.”

Richard Chappell, CEO of TC Facilities Management, added: “The excellent SIA audit performance by TC Security Services is a total endorsement of the business. All of our staff members constantly display a total focus, professionalism and commitment to their clients.”

ISO auditors recertify TC Security Services

Auditors have recently recertified TC Security Services with the ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certifications respectively, demonstrating the business’ adherence to auditing requirements for these standards.

Improvements have been made over the past year with investment in – and the introduction of – new software to include key tracker and vehicle tracking systems, along with paperless tablet software supporting the business in many aspects (among them Health and Safety, environmental awareness and service delivery).

The auditors awarded a clean sheet with no Minor or Major Non-Conformities for both standards highlighting a customer comment at one of the sites who told the auditor: “A very good working relationship for many years. Good reporting and excellent provision of service.”

Steve Boyden commented: “Our commitment to our ISO audit process is extremely important to TC Security Services as we wish to give new and existing customers the peace of mind that not only do we adhere to auditing requirements but also, and where possible, we often exceed them.”

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