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Showsec works on development of Crime Reduction Enhanced Search Team with Cheshire Police

by Brian Sims
Showsec is enhancing its festival security operations thanks to the CREST initiative

Showsec is enhancing its festival security operations thanks to the CREST initiative

Event security and safety specialist Showsec is currently working on a new initiative with Cheshire Police designed to enhance crime reduction operations at festivals throughout 2015.

In essence, the Leicester-based company is looking to create a 24-strong Crime Reduction Enhanced Search Team (CREST) made up of employees who will benefit from a new workshop organised by Cheshire Police.

The main focus of that team’s activities will be on three festivals taking place in 2015 – T in the Park, V Festival and Creamfields – but the instruction delivered may also be deployed on other occasions, the longer term aim being to use the training methods at all major festivals.

This new move is seen as being a significant development for both parties, with Cheshire Police hoping the workshop will be viewed as the standard for other forces to follow.

“We consider this to be another important step forwards in forging closer working partnerships with police forces all over the UK as we increase our range of specialist services,” explained Mark Logan, one of Showsec’s directors.

“The Crime Reduction Strategy which we developed in partnership with local police forces ahead of many festivals that took place last summer delivered some very positive outcomes. On that basis, we’ve been looking at ways in which we can build upon this success.”

Logan went on to state: “This pioneering workshop fulfils two crucial obligations for us as a company because we’re constantly striving to raise standards of service while also providing the best possible training for members of our workforce. By developing more effective crime reduction measures designed to enhance our search capabilities, we will make the whole festival experience an even more enjoyable one for members of the public and, as a result, deliver an enhanced product for our end user customers.”

Details of the workshop

The workshop will be a one-day course held at Cheshire Police headquarters for the aforementioned 24 members of staff and take place on Friday 6 March.

The course itself will cover the following elements of particular relevance to enhanced search procedures:

*Protection of evidence

*Vehicle search

*Quadrant searching techniques

*Police handover

*Police/security integration

Those members of Showsec staff who are selected to take part in the workshop and subsequently form part of the crime reduction team will need to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for this opportunity. These include holding a valid Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence, passing the necessary police background checks and being available to work at the festivals.

Major restructure of crucial support services

At the same time, Showsec has also committed to a major restructure of crucial support services by dint of centralising its Booking Department at head office in Leicester.

The company wishes to enhance the level of support delivered for its operational workforce while also continuing to raise the standard of service provided for clients and members of the public throughout the UK.

The decision to centralise the Booking Department is the first stage of some significant changes which are now seen as being essential in terms of the company’s drive to achieve further progression in the future following a decade of growth and prosperity.

Mark Harding: managing director at Showsec

Mark Harding: managing director at Showsec

“As part of our 2015 Business Plan, we’re placing great emphasis on the development of support services which best serve the effective delivery and further enhancement of our product,” explained Mark Harding, Showsec’s managing director.

“Centralising the Booking Department will enable us to provide a more extensive service which will be of tremendous benefit to us from an operational standpoint. It will enable us to maximise the deployment of our skilled staff in order to meet the direct service requirements of our clients while also ensuring that those who make up our talented and loyal workforce derive the most out of opportunities presented to them to work for the company.”

Harding continued: “We’re constantly reviewing the ways in which we can raise standards of service. Ongoing feedback which we receive from our workers through various forms of engagement has influenced what we consider to be an important step forward. Booking is the first part of this process, but we’ll also be making changes to other elements of our support services in the foreseeable future.”

Prior to the announcement of this change, Showsec’s Booking Department was divided into two distinct halves with the southern office based in Leicester and the northern office located in Manchester. The centralised operation is currently being created in Leicester while other changes will also be implemented with the aim of having them all in place by Monday 30 March.

The company will be making announcements about appointments to the Booking Department in due course.​

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