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“Set surveillance cameras up in seconds” thanks to Wavestore’s latest VMS release

by Brian Sims

Wavestore has issued V6.14 of its open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS). “V6.14 is our most feature-packed release to date and delivers on a promise to our systems integrator partners that we will continue to rapidly respond to changing market requirements,” said Julian Inman, head of product management for Wavestore. “This new release incorporates a host of industry first innovations which deliver enhanced value for smaller video-only systems right up to enterprise level, fully-integrated solutions.”

Multiple cameras can now be configured and set to record in a matter of seconds thanks to a completely revised camera set-up screen. Separate camera groups can be created and used to quickly apply common settings – such as stream parameters, recording frame rate and quality settings – to all cameras in the group at the same time.

“For larger size projects with high camera counts, we know that system integrators have found camera set-up to be a time-consuming process,” explained Inman. “With the release of V6.14, we’re able to claim that our VMS is among the quickest in terms of the time it takes to set up connected cameras and recording.”

Wavestore’s proprietary Large Allocation Storage System file set-up, which is designed for professional VMS solutions, already offered several advantages over traditional file systems, such as error-free, robust and reliable recording, lightning fast video search and recall, lip-synchronised audio as standard, industry-leading throughput and the ability to store multiple Petabytes of data. It has now been enhanced with new feature sets.

These feature sets include:

Creation of logical disks

Wavestore is now able to create logical disks from multiple physical disks. This means that a Wavestore NVR with two 6 TB HDDs, for example, can be grouped together so it appears as just a single 12 TB HDD. This can be done over as many disks as required.

For those applications that demand it, physical disks can be kept separate and specific camera recording tracks split across individual disks (either to the storage within the server or to a remote location) such that, in the event of a disk failure, critical data is still retained.

HyperRAID delivers up to N+5 redundancy

Wavestore’s HyperRAID architecture performs much faster than traditional RAID and doesn’t require an expensive hardware RAID card to operate. Instead, it’s controlled by the VMS and uses widely available, simple Host Bus Adaptor technology to deliver a faster and more resilient RAID solution while significantly reducing hardware costs.

HyperRAID provides up to N+2 redundancy (RAID 5 or RAID 6), or with HyperRAID Plus up to an industry-leading N+5 redundancy.

EcoStore: saving over 80% energy on storage

The EcoStore solution facilitates the spin-down of hard drives not in a read/write state. This can save over 80% of the energy normally required for a storage solution, as well as offering savings in associated costs, such as reductions in air conditioning and ‘wear and tear’ on disks from always being powered on. It works by sequentially writing to ‘groups’ of drives, which could be a single drive, multiple drives or multiple HyperRAID arrays up to N+5. Once each group is filled up, the next group is ready to take over recording and the first group is spun down.

The archived video from a spun-down group can be viewed very quickly thanks to the index of where that video and metadata is stored and always available in the spun-up group. This provides a seamless operator experience when reviewing footage via the WaveView and WaveView Mobile client software, regardless of where that footage is stored.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this technology is that it works with Wavestore’s latest range of servers/NVRs with no further specialist equipment required.

VMS license levels: more functionality

Wavestore’s licence levels have been enhanced to bring new features and additional functionality across the existing BASE, PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE categories, with PREMIUM and above including a number of popular integrations straight from the box.

In addition, a new licence level, designated ULTIMATE and which sits above ENTERPRISE, offers as standard the very latest innovations and comes complete with eight sequential V6 upgrades to keep the end user’s system up-to-date for over two years.

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