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Seminar series topics for SiX unveiled by organiser Pro-Activ Publications

by Brian Sims

The topics for the free Professional Security Installer (PSI) seminar stream at the upcoming SiX event have been announced by organiser Pro-Activ Publications. The PSI seminar stream consists of key information regarding the day-to-day running, growth and success of security businesses. Delegates will pick up advice on a range of subjects concerning staff, sales and finance in order to help develop their company performance and meet the demands of the modern commercial environment.

Also covered will be the thorny subject of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in terms of how businesses can deal with this as well as any electronic surveillance systems being fitted. Independent experts will examine Best Practice for the business contracted to carry out the work and also for the customer who’s processing the information concerned.

This impartial free-to-attend series which runs alongside a full-scale exhibition featuring all of the leading systems developers is aimed at the managers and owners of UK security businesses with the subject matter covering those topics raised by Pro-Activ Publications title PSI’s readers as being of particular interest.

The presentations, which will be introduced by Brian Sims (Editor of Risk Xtra, PSI’s sister title at Pro-Activ Publications alongside Benchmark and The Paper) include the following:

Growing your service business 

It’s surprising how little time is invested by business owners and management in the security sector in growing the service contract base and related income streams when most of the profits and the value of the company are in the service area. The focus of this presentation will be on providing practical strategies to grow your service business.

Speaker: Jim Rathbone (Managing Director, Rathbone Results) 

Recruitment and retention

System engineers are vital to the success of security businesses, but how can you make sure that they want to remain with you? If you do have a space to fill, finding the right person for the job can be a tricky proposition considering the availability of quality installers.

Speaker: Brett Ennals (Managing Director, Cento) 

GDPR: Everything you wanted to know… but were afraid to ask

A general session aimed specifically at questions and answers from delegates relating to general GDPR requirements and what organisations should be doing that may have been overlooked or misunderstood. The speaker will answer questions from the floor relating to general enquiries, more specific enquiries relating to surveillance and CCTV and other forms of security systems, including digital recognition solutions such as biometrics and facial recognition. The role of the DPO and compliance with user rights and Data Subject Access Requests will also be addressed.

Speaker: Ray Ford (Founding Associate and Data Protection Officer, GDPR Associates) 

Business opportunities through cyber security

Keeping a business secured against the ever-increasing cyber threat is critical for any organisation. As Government and, increasingly, the private sector look to ensure a secure supply chain, this session will highlight how maintaining good cyber security can deliver real opportunities to gain and retain business.

Speaker: Chris Pinder (Business Development Manager, IASME) 

GDPR: Impact on security and CCTV data systems.

This session is aimed at how to make sure your customers purchasing such systems understand their responsibilities on the use of the data captured and how to account for it under the new privacy legislation.

Speaker: Ray Ford (Founding Associate and Data Protection Officer, GDPR Associates)

 Recurring revenue

Recurring revenue is the life’s blood of any business model and is the true value and worth of any security company. Find out how you can raise your standing with well-managed and developed recurring business revenue structure.

Speaker: Anthony King (Managing Director, Square One) 

Attracting new talent (sales and engineers)

With a widely acknowledged shortage of quality engineers and skilled sales staff, could one solution be to look to other sectors for future stars in addition to the security pool? Also, how can you make your company an attractive proposition for new employees and future generations alike?

Speaker: George Zitko (Managing Director, Zitko Consulting) 

Finance options for growing businesses

This session will take a look at the challenges faced in raising finance for small businesses, and also give an overview of the different types of finance which exist for small businesses.

Speaker: Joshua Ejdelbaum (Director, ASC Finance for Business) 

Exit strategies within the security sector

You’ve worked hard in your adult life to build a successful security business. Now the time has come to decide how to exit or transition from your business. This may be the biggest decision you’ve ever faced. It’s your opportunity to do it right with guidance. This is both an important personal event as well as a financial transaction.

Speaker: John O’Connell (Security Partner, Rathbone Results) 

SiX is being held on Tuesday 5 November (10.00 am-5.00 pm) and on Wednesday 6 November (10.00 am-4.30 pm) at Event City in Manchester. Register to attend here

*For further information on SiX visit the event website

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