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Security sector stakeholders launch “groundbreaking” Level 2 Certificate in Event Security Operations

by Brian Sims
Left to Right: UKCMA chairman Mark Harding and James Rockley of HABC at the launch Workshop in Doncaster

Left to Right: UKCMA chairman Mark Harding and James Rockley of HABC at the launch Workshop in Doncaster

The ‘fit for purpose’ Level 2 Certificate in Event Security Operations has been launched to serve all event stewarding needs in what has been hailed as a “groundbreaking” move by key stakeholders in the security sector.

This all-new qualification is the product of an extensive development process which set out to deliver an all-encompassing course that actively raises standards throughout the events sector and impacts upon levels of service delivered to both end user clients and members of the public alike.

The Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) has endorsed the Level 2 Certificate which will provide the initial step along a pathway of new qualifications for entrants to the sector for whom funding is available if they wish to take advantage of this significant step forward.

The new qualification gives those wishing to pursue working opportunities in the sphere of event stewarding a clear understanding of what organisers of all types of events require in order for them to do their job effectively and safely with particular emphasis on Health and Safety and customer service.

Commitment and drive of industry experts

“This is an exciting addition to the qualifications which are available to anyone wishing to work in our industry,” explained Mark Harding, chairman of the UKCMA and managing director at event security specialist Showsec.

“The UKCMA identified a growing need for the development of such a qualification, but it has been the commitment and drive of industry-wide experts which has driven us to a position where we can now offer this Level 2 Certificate as an entry level qualification.”

Harding continued: “This bespoke qualification meets the needs of many event sector clients and local authorities who wish to see trained staff on site rather than candidates in the process of being trained.”

Development of the new qualification has involved three key stages: the redefining of National Occupational Standards, a feasibility study and then, based on the results of that study, the development of the Level 2 Certificate itself.

“Throughout this whole process,” asserted Harding, “many organisations and individuals have wanted the best outcome in terms of the learning procedure for stewards across all types of venues and events. A key objective has been to achieve the consolidation of Best Practice.”

In addition to the support of HABC and the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA), Harding made a point of mentioning “individuals who deserve special mention for their contribution”. Those individuals are Martin Girvan and Ruth Oliver.

Views on training and development “must be heard”

James Rockley, business development director at HABC, explained: “It’s important that organisations such as the UKCMA and ourselves are able to work together to ensure that the sector’s views on training and development are heard, and that we respond to those views in creating qualifications that genuinely meet the needs of employers and employees alike.”

Rockley went on to state: “It was an honour to work with a body as professional and respected as the UKCMA, and I believe this partnership signposts the way forward for future co-operation in the skills sector. The HABC Level 2 Certificate in Event Security Operations covers all areas about which employers have told us they require staff to know such as crowd management, Health and Safety and customer service, along with optional but vital subjects such as how to use radios properly and safeguarding children and young people.”

Importantly, the Level 2 Certificate an also be used as a stepping stone to achieve other relevant qualifications in the sector such as the HABC Level 2 NVQ in Spectator Safety, in turn helping learners to build their portfolio of transferrable skills such that they can contribute even more to their organisations.

The new Level 2 Certificate was officially launched during a Workshop at Academy House in Doncaster. Initial trials of the qualification have progressed extremely well and the first recipients of the new certificate are already benefiting from it when going about their day-to-day stewarding duties.

Event Security Operations is primarily a knowledge-based qualification with some elements of practical demonstration and assessment of performance in the workplace. While the qualification allows stewards to work at a wide range of events, the support of the SGSA means that it also satisfies the minimum level of training required to work independently within a sports ground environment.

*For more information about the new Level 2 event security qualification access: https://www.highfieldabc.com/SpectatorSafety/Level2ESO.aspx

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