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Security industry opinion-formers set to join forces for SIA Stakeholder Conference

by Brian Sims

One of the security industry’s most influential discussion and debating forums is taking place in London next month. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has now opened the booking process for its annual Stakeholder Conference, which takes place at the Oval cricket ground on Tuesday 13 March.

The conference will bring together private security businesses, the Regulator and members of law enforcement agencies to discuss the big questions affecting the industry.  This year’s themes will be ‘Protecting the Public’ and ‘Labour Supply in the Private Security Industry’.

Elizabeth France, chair of the SIA, said: “We’re really looking forward to meeting the industry, listening to concerns and discussing the hot topics around security at the moment. For example, how does the private security industry attract and keep people? What more can businesses do to encourage staff to remain in the industry?”

France continued: “We’re particularly interested in discussing aspects of public protection, including violence reduction, safeguarding, child protection and counter-terrorism. As the Regulator, what can the SIA do to help businesses reduce the levels of violence faced by the public and SIA licence holders? How can the private security industry work effectively with other bodies to tackle threats?”

Confirmed speakers

Rick Mounfield

Rick Mounfield

Confirmed speakers at this year’s event include Cecilia French (director of public protection at the Home Office), Darryl Dixon (director of strategy at the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority) and Rick Mounfield (CEO of The Security Institute).

SIA speakers will be concentrating on their recent work against criminals within the private security industry, as well as the use of Proceeds of Crime legislation to prevent those criminals from profiting from their actions.

The conference will include interactive workshop sessions based on the themes of the conference, which will allow delegates to express their views directly to the SIA.

Peter Selwyn-Smith, the SIA’s stakeholder manager, stated: “Following the success of last year’s event, we’ve deliberately planned the conference as a chance to meet and network informally, as well as to take part in planned discussions and workshops. It’s rare to have such a wide range of industry opinion-formers in one room, so we very much want delegates to take advantage of that opportunity.”

The SIA has held down the price per ticket to just £50 (including VAT) in order to encourage as many people as possible from the industry to take part. The ticket price includes refreshments and a buffet luncheon.

*Tickets are available at: https://registration.livegroup.co.uk/siastakeholderconf2018/

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