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Security Industry Authority re-opens ACS Review in wake of pre-General Election purdah period

by Brian Sims

Following on from the pre-General Election purdah period, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has re-opened the industry survey element underpinning its fundamental review of the flagship Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). The results of the ACS review will help to identify ways in which the SIA can drive improvements in the private security industry and, crucially, allow ACS businesses to differentiate themselves within the market.

On that note, it’s hugely important that ACS businesses are able to derive commercial benefit from meeting the high standards offered by the scheme. Importantly, the review will look at how best to give buyers even greater confidence in the scheme.

The ACS, of course, is a quality management scheme specifically designed to raise performance standards in the private security industry and help security suppliers in accessing new opportunities.

Pye Tait Consulting is working in partnership with the SIA to undertake this full review of the ACS and ensure that the scheme remains relevant and reflects both new thinking and Best Practice.

Tony Holyland, the SIA’s head of quality and standards, said: “The ACS has transformed the industry and we want it to continue to drive up standards. This review will ensure that the scheme continues to be relevant and reflects new thinking and emerging Best Practice for security businesses. We want to hear from all stakeholders from across the industry: ACS companies, non-ACS companies and the end user buyers of security. We want to know what you think should change. In essence, then, this review is an opportunity for the industry to shape the future of the scheme.”

The Regulator would welcome the views of the buyers of security services, ACS assessing bodies and security industry stakeholders (eg enforcement partners, trade, professional and employer representative bodies). The SIA would like the ACS to continue to be the benchmark to help the buyers of security services make the right decisions, buy the service that’s right for them and allow them to fulfil their responsibilities.

Click on this link to complete the survey: www.pyetait.com/ACSReview_BuyerStakeholderSurvey

Completing the survey should take approximately ten to 15 minutes. You can find out more by visiting the dedicated ACS Review portal: www.pyetait.com/ACSReview

There’s a separate survey for private security contractors. Please do forward this link to any contractor contacts: www.pyetait.com/ACSReview_ContractorSurvey

All views expressed will be treated confidentially by Pye Tait Consulting and reported anonymously to the SIA.

*As the regular readers of Risk UK will be well aware, the SIA is a public body sponsored by the Home Office. As the regulator for the private security sector, it supports the key priorities of the Home Office by contributing to the reduction and prevention of crime and, indeed, public protection. The SIA also has a responsibility to support business growth. The SIA manages compulsory licensing for private security operatives in addition to the ACS

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