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Security Industry Authority licence-linked qualifications exceed 1.25 million

by Brian Sims

The number of Security Industry Authority licence-linked qualifications that have been issued now exceeds 1.25 million. Since 2003, and in continual partnership with the security sector, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has developed Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications for security personnel across seven sectors. These qualifications are nationally recognised and governed by the relevant regulatory authorities in the UK. For many individuals, an SIA licence-linked qualification is their first recognised qualification and is often a stepping-stone to a defined career in security. Currently, the SIA is reviewing and updating the training specification which has required expert Working Groups from each sector to gather and discuss any changes. It’s anticipated that the new requirements will be introduced in January 2015. Professionalising the private security industry Andrew Shephard” the SIA’s head of quality standards” explained:” The introduction of minimum standards through licence-linked qualifications has been pivotal in professionalising the private security industry. The first door supervisor qualification was devised in 2003, and there are now over 1.25 million security qualifications held across the regulated sectors. Many individuals have used a qualification to support an SIA licence application.” Shephard added:” These qualifications help to establish the private security industry as a recognised career with opportunities for individual development. As members of the general public, we all benefit from having more professional security personnel protecting us.”

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