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Securitas UK introduces on-site fire safety training services for end user customer base

by Brian Sims

Securitas UK has formally launched a flexible training programme designed to help organisations of any size protect themselves from the risk of fire. Already taken up by a number of the company’s customers, courses are tailored to the end user and delivered by experienced, professional trainers on the customer’s premises.

Over the last three years, some 16,000 fires per annum* have been attended by Fire and Rescue Services in commercial and public buildings in England alone. That’s to say nothing of the incidents in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The potential consequences of a fire range from business interruption and loss of assets/records through to business closure and, tragically, loss of life.

The Securitas Fire and Emergency Services team helps organisations to safeguard their employees, visitors, premises, assets and revenue from the possibility of fire and fully comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which demands that competent and appropriate safety training is provided.

The Securitas UK courses cover the following general topics: fire warden provision and training, fire extinguisher audit and inspection, fire equipment maintenance, fire risk assessments and ‘first on scene’ First Aid training.

Subject matter is tailored, with specific risks determined by the nature of the premises and activities being carried out (which should have been identified in the organisation’s fire risk assessment).

Following input from professional instructors on the theory behind fire safety and the roles of the fire team members, a safe and controlled practical session is organised using the latest ‘Live’ simulators. These are brought to the customer’s site to provide a ‘hands on’ realistic experience of using fire extinguishers. Ultimately, this affords attendees the confidence to manage an emergency situation if one was to occur.

Securitas UK has already provided tailored fire training for staff at the University of Hertfordshire, with whom it has a unique ten-year security partnership integrating mobile and remote protective services with the latest technology, including a First Response vehicle used to mitigate risk, assistance with incident intervention and acting as a Command and Control point for incidents including fires.

Enquiries concerning Securitas UK’s Fire and Emergency Services solutions should be sent via e-mail to the following address: EmergencyServices@securitas.uk.com

*Source: Home Office Incident Recording System

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