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Securitas takes security industry “into the future” with launch of Securitas Future Lab

by Brian Sims

Securitas has launched Securitas Future Lab on the web. Located at www.securitasfuturelab.com, the company is publishing a collection of the best ideas and new concepts from its global organisation.

Security is changing and so is Securitas. Changing to better serve its customers and innovating to put technology to the best possible use. This also means the company’s ‘opening up’, putting its innovation on the outside instead of the inside and showcasing myriad ideas rather than hiding them away.

This is why the business has created Securitas Future Lab: a collection of the best thinking and new concepts from every corner of Securitas’ global organisation. Some of these ideas and concepts already exist, while others are still in their infancy. The company wants to share its ideas with the world, its customers, its partners and, indeed, the industry at large. Securitas is of the view that ideas always grow and improve when they’re shared and discussed.

To begin the process, the business has published stories about the ‘Security Officer of Tomorrow’ and how technology will positively affect the important work a security officer is transacting at any given moment. There are also stories about how drones can support security services delivered to end user customers.

Securitas is presently updating its brand concept and visual design to create a ‘more modern, bold and vivid’ look. This will be realised and implemented in the organisation worldwide during the coming months.

Securitas enters Australian security services market

Securitas has just signed an agreement to acquire the Australian security services company PSGA*. The enterprise value is estimated at MSEK 36 (MAUD 5.5).

PSGA has been a partner of Securitas in Australia for many years now, providing consulting and investigation services as well as guarding services to Securitas’ global customers, mainly in both Sydney and Melbourne. The company boasts 120 employees and annual sales of approximately MSEK 81 (MAUD 12).

“We see opportunities to grow with our global customers in Australia, to establish a solid local business in the country and at the same time develop the market such that it includes more electronic security-based solutions,” stated Alf Göransson, Securitas’ president and CEO.

The Australian private security market – which includes on-site and mobile guarding, monitoring, Cash-in-Transit and private investigation services – is a mature one estimated to be worth BAUD 6.2, with an expected annual growth rate of 2% over the next five years.

It’s estimated that the industry has more than 54,000 security officers and 6,000 active security companies. However, there has been a trend towards consolidation in the market over the past decades.

Geographically, the security services market in Australia is concentrated within Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

*The acquisition is expected to be consolidated within Securitas during the third quarter of 2017

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