Home News Securitas full year report shows no organic growth

Securitas full year report shows no organic growth

by Brian Sims

The Securitas full year report for 2012 has been published, and the figures show zero organic growth for the year. This is claimed to be due to weak market conditions in many markets and negative organic sales growth in France, Portugal and Spain. The slowdown in organic and acquired sales growth has, combined with strong focus on cash flow and receivables, contributed to the strong free cash flow of MSEK 2086 in the Group in 2012. This has resulted in a free cash flow to net debt ratio of 0.21, thereby achieving the financial target of at least 0.20. The company also reported that operating margin for Security Services North America and Security Services Europe had gradually improved during the year. However, Security Services Europe and Mobile and Monitoring were impacted by one-off adjustments in the fourth quarter. The company implemented a restructuring and cost savings program that was executed from mid-October until mid-December impacted on the performance negatively.

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