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2015-2016 Section Chairmen appointed by the British Security Industry Association

by Brian Sims
Kirkham House: the Worcestershire headquarters of the BSIA

Kirkham House: the Worcestershire headquarters of the BSIA

Following the Trade Association’s Annual General Meeting which took place on Wednesday 15 July, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has elected chairmen and vice-chairmen to serve its various Sections of Membership.

“The BSIA is very proud of its membership community, and the great contributions that they make to the private security industry,” affirmed James Kelly, CEO at the BSIA. “The development of the private security industry is largely due to its members’ dedication to their work and their commitment to progressing the sector.” 

Kelly continued: “Each BSIA Section’s chairman dually serves their member company as well as the Association. They must initiate vital discussions to guide their Section at quarterly meetings and throughout their term to improve the private security sector on the whole. The work undertaken by Section chairmen and vice-chairmen creates new possibilities for their Sections and broadens the potential scope upon which the BSIA has an impact.”

In conclusion, Kelly told Risk UK: “Chairmen also represent their Section on the Association’s Council, which creates the opportunity for every area of membership to engage and be involved with shaping the future of the BSIA. I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all previous BSIA Section chairmen and extend a warm welcome to each new chairman who will be taking up their post.”

James Kelly: CEO of the BSIA

James Kelly: CEO of the BSIA

At the Association’s Annual General Meeting, Phil Wright of Brink’s was elected to serve as vice-chairman of the BSIA. Wright will bring a deep knowledge of the security industry to the role thanks to his experience of working within the secure logistics arena across both the public and private sectors.

The new list of BSIA Section chairmen and vice-chairmen for 2015-2016 is as follows:

Access and Asset Protection
Chairman: Paul Adams (Kaba)
Vice-Chairman: Mike Sussman (TDSi)

Asset and Property Marking
Chairman: James Brown (Selectamark Security Systems plc)
Vice-Chairman: David Northey (Retainagroup)

Cash and Valuables in Transit
Chairman: Rob Johnson (Loomis)
Vice-Chairman: Phil Wright (Brink’s)

Simon Adcock

Simon Adcock

Chairman: Simon Adcock (ATEC Security)
Vice-Chairman: Clifford King (Kings Security Systems)

Export Council
Chairman: John Davies (TDSi)

Information Destruction
Chairman: Adam Chandler (Shred-on-Site)
Vice-Chairmen: Simon Franklin (Shred Station) and Nick Williams (Brinnick Locksmiths)

Leisure Industry Security
Chairman: Tony Clarke (UK Security Facilities)

Lone Worker
Chairman: Craig Swallow (SoloProtect)
Vice-Chairman: Ian Johannessen (Rocksure Systems)

Police and Public Services
Chairman: Dirk Wilson (Sector Security Services)

John Davies

John Davies

Security Equipment Manufacturers
Chairman: Adrian Mealing (Texecom)
Vice-Chairman: Tony Allen (Dycon)

Security Guarding
Chairman: Tony Cockcroft (Independent Contractor Security)
Vice-Chairman: Dirk Wilson (Sector Security Services)

Security Systems
Chairman: Martin Harvey (Tyco Integrated Fire & Security)
Vice-Chairman: Colin Leatherbarrow (Chubb Fire & Security)

Specialist Services
Chairman: Mike O’Neill (Optimal Risk Management)
Vice-Chairman: Ian Yexley (UniTrust Protection Services UK)

Vacant Property Protection
Chairman: Gideon Reichental (Clearway Environmental Services UK)
Vice-Chairman: Darryl Soekoe (Camelot Property Management)

*Note that some BSIA Sections of membership are yet to hold their AGM at which Section chairmen are newly elected or re-elected. As such, they have not been included in this list

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