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Samsung Techwin introduces Beyond 1280H Series analogue cameras

by Brian Sims

Models in Samsung Techwin’s new Beyond 1280H Series of 1,000 TV Lines analogue cameras are equipped as standard with a long list of innovative and technically advanced features which, until now, end users might only have expected to see built-in to IP network cameras. To ensure that end users can gain maximum benefit from the” outstanding quality” images captured by the eight new analogue models, Samsung Techwin has also introduced new high performance 4, 8 and 16-channel Beyond DVRs which can simultaneously record the extremely high quality 1,000 TV lines images in real time across all their channels. ” We have introduced the new Beyond 1280H series of analogue cameras and DVRs in support of those many thousands of CCTV users across Europe who want to extend the life of their existing analogue systems on a cost-effective basis,” explained Tim Biddulph, product manager for the Security Solutions division of Samsung Techwin Europe. ” While the widespread adoption of video over IP is inevitable,” added Biddulph,” there is nevertheless an almost countless number of existing analogue CCTV systems which are working satisfactorily. That said, end users may now need identification grade images which their existing analogue cameras cannot deliver. The good news is that the Beyond series is fully interoperable with current, existing and legacy analogue systems.” Many of the new and competitively priced models feature enhanced Wide Dynamic Range which, with performance greater than 120 dB, can accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas. They’re also equipped with SSNR IV (Samsung Techwin’s new generation of noise reduction technology) for the delivery of high resolution images in night-time conditions without any smear or ‘ghosting’. Other key features include various forms of video analytics and defog (which can improve the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog). Beyond DVRs: the detail In addition to the Beyond 4 channel SRD-476D, 8-channel SRD-876D and 16-channel SRD-1676D (which can all record 1,000 TV lines images in real time across all of their channels), Samsung Techwin has also introduced the 16 channel SRD-1656D which is able to record (in real time) CIF quality images captured by connected cameras. De-Interlace support on each channel ensures the sharp, accurate display of still images. All four of the new Beyond DVRs, which have a single channel audio output, offer the flexibility to separately configure each of their channels to make best use of the available storage capacity by enabling end users to set the specific image quality/resolution required for each camera location. With the exception of the 4-channel SRD-476D (which has a single internal HDD), the Beyond Series of DVRs has four internal SATA HDDs. Each provides the option for extra video storage via two external SATA ports. The Beyond DVRs benefit from a new” ultra-end user friendly” GUI (Graphical User Interface) and offer authorised users the option to remotely view live or recorded video from a PC, any Android or IOS-supported smartphone or tablet via Samsung Techwin’s license-free SSM, SmartViewer or iPOLiS Mobile monitoring software. A built-in web viewer offers enhanced compatibility via Chrome, Explorer and Safari. The new cameras and domes in the Beyond 1280H series are as follows: ‘

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