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Rosehill Security wins coveted innovation award from Major Events International

by Brian Sims
Adam Down (left), CEO of crowd control specialist Foam Hand, presented the award to Rosehill Security's sales manager Dalton Marshall

Adam Down (left), CEO of crowd control specialist Foam Hand, presented the award to Rosehill Security’s sales manager Dalton Marshall

A leading global manufacturer of perimeter security solutions has been bestowed the Most Innovative Security Product Award 2019 from a trade body for the major events sector. Major Events International (MEI) has honoured Yorkshire-based Rosehill Security at the Major Events Summit for creating the Impakt Defender solution that’s designed to protect sports fans, festival-goers and major events spectators from the chilling and growing prevalence of Vehicle-as-a-Weapon attacks.

Recently supplying temporary high-security barriers to secure competitors and spectators at the London Marathon and also at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Rosehill Security created the IWA 14-rated Impakt Defender from 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for additional strength.

The shape of the product, with its large footprint, has been specifically designed to block vehicles. Each 430 kg, 1 m x 1 m x 1 m solid rubber unit is connected by steel cables, affording the flexibility to protect both entrance areas and site perimeters against hostile vehicle attack. The units can also be anchored to create a stronger physical barrier.

MEI’s chief operating officer Andy Rice said: “We’ve been incredibly impressed with the innovation and rigour that Rosehill Security has invested to develop this Best-in-Class product for enhancing event safety. This award is due recognition as the business continues to advance security levels at major events.”

Rosehill Security’s sales manager Dalton Marshall responded: “The Impakt Defender is ideal for protecting major sporting, entertainment and political events. It can be installed almost anywhere, removed and used again and again, quickly and simply. It acts as both a physical and visual security deterrent.”

HVM-focused projects

The Impakt Defender and its smaller sister the Rapid Defender can also be used for permanent hostile vehicle mitigation needs such as at retail malls, tourist havens, entertainment venues and seats of Government.

Two 50-metre sections of Impakt Defender were deployed in separate locations in under 40 minutes and then removed in just half an hour at Edgbaston, the aforementioned home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, limiting road closures to the key times while fans entered and exited the ground, thus minimising disruption to traffic.

MEI established its annual flagship Major Events Summit to showcase the expertise of its members and offer a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing forum for the sector. The 2019 event took place over two days at Villa Park, the Birmingham home of Aston Villa FC (newly-promoted to the Premier League), with Day One covering safety, security and resilience and Day Two focusing on venue technology and operations.

MEI has provided international business services and market penetration for more than 12 years to companies who want to take advantage of Olympic, Commonwealth Games and World Cup opportunities and win more business in major events. The organisation interfaces with the international mega and major sporting events market and can offer in-country early entry support including proposal development, translation, sustained customer contact and market intelligence.

MEI boasts contacts and connections with the key events players in the UK, Europe, Russia, Qatar, Brazil, USA, China, Japan and Australasia.

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