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Risk Warden streamlines risk assessment and management process for end users

by Brian Sims

Risk Warden, a pioneering Internet-based risk assessment and management tool, is now available to help assessors and building managers improve levels of safety. The “most comprehensive solution” of its kind, it simplifies the identification, management and ownership of risks. It gives users the intelligence they need to track risks across their buildings and allows them to demonstrate regulatory compliance. 

A number of recent, catastrophic fires have shone the spotlight firmly on the need for adequate risk assessment and regulatory compliance, while the recent publication of the Dame Judith Hackitt Review of the Grenfell Tower tragedy highlights the need for the creation of a digital record to manage new high-rise and complex buildings. More than ever, it’s vital that organisations of all sizes across all sectors are able to demonstrate adherence to relevant regulations.

Risk Warden has been developed to address risk and, with an intuitive interface accessible from any Internet-enabled device, it’s now easier than ever to assess and manage risk, driving organisations’ quests for compliance. A set of default question sets enable risks to be weighted by prominence. An algorithm is programmed to enable the weighted scoring to give an accurate and consistent monitor for the management of risk.

The platform guides assessors through the entire risk assessment process. Images can be captured and placed directly into a report at the relevant section, while templates for specific building types ensure consistency of assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed, Risk Warden presents estate and building managers with a clear overview of their organisation’s risk profile. This is shown on an easy-to-read scale. A dashboard details any potential risks and shows how they should be addressed and in what timeframe. Any remedial work to be undertaken to comply with an assessment is clearly outlined and logged within the system. As the work is undertaken, it’s also logged in the system. The organisation’s risk profile changes in real-time as items are addressed.

This provides clear evidence of compliance with statutory regulations and assists organisations to meet their legal obligations, validate their insurance and take a consistent approach to risk management.

Security: a high priority

David Adkins

David Adkins

As is the case with any online system that uses sensitive or confidential data, security is a high priority. Risk Warden uses SSL encryption between a browser and the system itself. Third party penetration testing has been carried out to test and confirm the system’s robustness.

Furthermore, all information is hosted on secure servers located in the UK. Risk Warden has even been developed with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in mind such that it can be easily incorporated within corporate compliance strategies.

Suitable for a single building, a campus estate and everything in-between, Risk Warden has been designed to be cost-effective and scaleable and can grow in line with an organisation’s requirements. A tiered subscription model starting from just £210 per annum means there’s minimal up-front cost and no initial hardware or capital expenditure. Additional users can be added as estates expand, while larger users with multiple sites can design the system around their needs, setting multiple levels of user access as required.

“The team behind Risk Warden comprises risk assessors, experienced fire industry leaders and seasoned IT professionals,” commented David Adkins, managing director at Risk Warden. “Assessing risk can be a lengthy and complicated process, so we’ve developed a solution that enhances an organisation’s ability to manage the entire process, assessment, management, audit and proof of compliance.”

Adkins continued: “Quite frankly, there is no other product like Risk Warden on the market. The Hackitt Review highlights the need for the creation of a digital record for new high-rise and complex buildings from initial design through construction, including changes that occur throughout occupation. In line with this recommendation, our software allows organisations to assess and manage risk, providing detailed and auditable evidence of compliance. Its ability to remove complication will assist assessors and building managers, driving the highest levels of regulatory compliance. Risk Warden is a game-changer when it comes to risk assessment and compliance.”

*For further information about Risk Warden visit www.riskwarden.co.uk

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