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Risk Summit 2019: Inaugural London event in March “will challenge attitudes to risk”

by Brian Sims

The official programme for the inaugural Risk Summit has been announced. The Summit features a host of inspirational speakers from across the globe, whose experience of risk has helped shape or influence their respective industries. Run in association with SafetyCulture, Risk Summit 2019 will take place on Friday 1 March at Altitude, Millbank Tower in London.

Risk Summit 2019 is a programme of curated sessions exploring the discipline of risk management with thought leaders that have embraced risk intent, process and practice to lead, shape or influence their industries. It’s a must-attend event for those professionals looking to ignite and unsettle their mind, widen their horizons and think differently about risk. The Summit will provide the platform, thought leaders, ideas and inspiration to make a difference in the way risk management is applied across today’s businesses.

The speakers include John Volanthen, the first cave diver to locate and contact the missing Thai youth soccer team, the Wild Boars, alongside his diving partner, Rick Stanton. Together, they have been described as the A-Team of diving rescuers by the British Cave Rescue Council.

Also speaking at the event is Amit Oberoi, global head of safety, sustainability and well-being at Deliveroo, who’ll be discussing the art and science of managing 15,000 individual contractors in more than 100 towns and cities across the UK, as well as over 8,000 partner restaurants.

Michael Lutomski is the former risk manager at the International Space Station. Space is perhaps the most unforgiving environment imaginable, and a tough test for the function of risk management. Lutomski will discuss how risk management needs to be viewed as valuable behaviour to encourage and isn’t just a task to complete.

A further speaker on the day will be Marshall Miller, wingsuit skydiver and GoPro ambassador. Extreme sport athletes are often perceived as reckless risk takers when, in reality, they give far more due diligence to risk than we give credit for. Miller believes the calculation, acceptance and management of risk can fuel a life fully-lived and is the only way that greatness has even been achieved.

“Risk Summit 2019 is a fantastic forum for risk professionals and senior executives to ignite and unsettle their minds, widen their horizons and think differently about risk,” enthused Paul Chivers, risk advisor at SafetyCulture. “Taking them out of their day-to-day environments, we want people to be inspired, motivated and empowered through real world stories, heuristic approaches and successes that will broaden the way in which they see risk and its management.”

*Industry delegates can register to attend the Summit here

**The full line-up of speakers can be found at: https://risksummit.io/london-speakers

***Further information is available on the event website

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