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“Remaining part of the EU is better for business” assert members of the ADS Group

by Brian Sims

A survey of ADS Group members carried out by GfK has shown that opinion across all four sectors – namely aerospace, defence, security and space – is overwhelmingly in favour of the UK remaining part of the European Union (EU).

The survey results confirm that 70% of ADS member companies consider it would be better for their organisation if Britain voted to remain in the EU. Only 10% expressed a preference for leaving the EU. 82% of ADS Group members export to the EU, with more members exporting to the EU than any other region.

Paul Everitt, CEO of the ADS Group, responded: “This survey represents the views of organisations of all sizes. The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors turn over £56 billion on an annual basis. They form the very backbone of the UK’s industrial economy, employing thousands of people in highly-skilled, high-value jobs.”

Everitt continued: “Our members recognise the benefits of the UK remaining part of the EU, among them access to integrated European supply chains, R&D funding which enables the UK to compete globally and the ability to influence and shape EU regulation. The Prime Minister David Cameron has demonstrated that it’s possible to influence and shape EU priorities, while UK businesses have more to gain by staying in.”

Support for the UK’s continued membership of the EU is widespread across all four sectors. No less than 76% of aerospace companies and 74% of space companies surveyed are of the view that the UK should remain part of the EU. Across defence, this figure stands at 70%, while 69% of security companies agree with this viewpoint.

Paul Everitt

Paul Everitt

Paul Kahn, president of ADS, commented: “This survey is a clear endorsement from ADS members of the benefits that Britain’s membership of the EU generates across our industries. It’s incumbent upon us as employers to ensure that our customers, colleagues, investors and suppliers in the UK cast their vote from an informed perspective based on the facts. The UK’s continued ability to attract investment, which the future prosperity of our industries depends upon, is entirely based on Britain’s ability to compete globally. I cannot envisage a scenario where the uncertainty created by the leap into the unknown that leaving the EU represents would make the UK a more competitive place for investment.”

The survey was carried out in February and March this year following agreement on the renegotiation package secured by the Prime Minister. It follows on from an independent assessment carried out last year by KPMG of EU membership on the ADS Group sectors which shows that:

*The UK’s aerospace, defence, security and space sectors gain significant economic benefits from the UK’s membership of the EU

*All of the industries are clear that the UK’s continued membership of the EU is good for companies, their employees and the future prosperity of the nation

*The sectors value the UK Government’s ability to influence the rules of the EU Single Market, access to integrated EU supply chains and any EU investment in UK R&D

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