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Proven Triple+ technology for preventing water leak damage launches in UK

by Brian Sims

Property management companies face immense challenges from water leak damage. Undetected leaks in vacant units, tenants who leave taps running or don’t report a damp spot are all problematic and can lead to extensive and costly renovations as well as mold remediation. A company’s good reputation may also suffer. The solution lies in 24-hour-365 leak damage protection. The proprietary technology of Triple+ meets this goal.

Property management companies can subscribe to the Triple+ Central Monitoring Station. They can now monitor an unlimited number of properties (even those situated abroad) from a single dashboard. The maintenance team or back office staff have the ability to simultaneously view all connected systems and receive real-time status updates from the Triple+ Central Monitoring Station.

It’s user-friendly, too. Notifications pop up via a smart phone app or through the computer and include the exact location of a leak or flood in any number of properties or zones in a building. Low battery or ambient temperature, devices going offline or abnormal water use is also covered.

Perhaps the biggest plus-point is that, once an alert is sent, remote action can be taken to immediately shut off the water source. A tracking report from the Central Monitoring Station listing all events, statuses and operator activities adds to the efficiency of the property management company. 

Multiple unit properties

Triple+ systems are wireless and battery-operated for quick and easy installation. They’re especially suited to multiple unit properties such as hotels and commercial complexes as occupants are not subjected to any noise or disturbance. As no cable trenching or electrical work is necessary, costs are also kept low.

The Triple+ system is based on water leak sensors with automatic valve shut-off that closes the water source after detecting 30 minutes of abnormal flow. As it can be integrated with the alarm system, it’s the perfect solution to protect businesses after hours.

No area is left unprotected by the Triple+ system which has special accessories for machine rooms, elevator shafts, basements and parking areas. In gardens, where sprinklers or swimming pools often spring leaks, Triple+ systems can be placed without any worry about storms or heat. The devices are all encased in reinforced enclosures certified to withstand any weather conditions.

Partnering with the insurance industry

Major insurance companies in the US recognise the value of offering commercial clients Triple+ systems, with the added benefit of lowering premiums. This was their proactive response to the exorbitant costs and amount of water leak damage claims. The UK is in a similar position, as figures from the Association of British Insurers state. Insurers here pay out a whopping £2.5 million daily for water damage claims. The average claim amounts to a substantial £3,242.

“Our smart and market-proven systems are a game-changer for UK property management and insurance companies,” enthused Triple+ CEO Michael Isakov. “We look forward to giving them the upper hand in ending the havoc caused by leaking or burst pipes.”

*Triple+ is now available in the UK market through Action Quick Ltd. Access the website http://www.tripleplus.io/ for more information

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