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Peterborough housing association gets IP solution

by Brian Sims

Britannia Fire & Security has secured the headquarters of the Axiom Housing Association in Peterborough using IP-addressable equipment from ACT, including proximity readers, door controllers and ACT’s access control software suite. Axiom operates more than 2,200 homes across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, and provides housing and services to over 5,500 people. Supported services assist vulnerable people, those leaving care, people with learning difficulties or with mental and physical health needs. The access control solution installed at Axiom House uses ACTpro 4200 controllers. These are four-door controllers which can be extend up to 16 doors using ACTpro door stations, and networked together with the ACTpro software suite to control up to 4,000 doors. Bandwidth use of the ACTpro system is minimal, and the ACTpro software suite offers auto-discovery and easy maintenance alongside advanced features such as timed anti-passback and counting areas. Two hundred Axiom staff members have been issued with proximity (125 kHz) ACTProx fobs, giving them easily-controlled privileges in order to open doors around the building. Standard rights access is 7 to 7, five days a week, but senior administrators have year-round access to all areas, including sensitive areas such as alarm systems. Axiom opted for new suppliers when moving premises and wanted to balance ease of access and the precise control that an IP-addressable system provides. Joseph Seery of Axiom says,” The ACTpro software is easy to configure and update, and we are able to run reports in common data formats such as CSV which can assist other departments such as human resources. In the event of a fire drill or a fire, we can print a report for mustering purposes. An important feature is that system-users must use their fob to identify themselves to a reader at the main entrance before the fobs will open any internal doors. ” Having a flexible access control system helps Axiom in many small ways which can add up to making general facilities management a lot easier. Examples include enrolling staff from our satellite offices who visit regularly onto the system and even issuing fobs to our refuse collectors so that they can access specific areas of the site on a controlled basis during specified time slots on certain days of the week.” At Axiom House, the ACT installation is linked to Galaxy intruder alarms from Honeywell.

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