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Pervade Software CTO Jonathan Davies confirmed as latest speaker for Security IT Summit

by Brian Sims

The Security IT Summit is pleased to welcome speaker Jonathan Davies, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Pervade Software Ltd, to the event which takes place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London on Tuesday 5 July 2016.

Pervade Software Ltd is a leading global supplier of dedicated compliance tracking and reporting software, while Davies himself is a broad spectrum security specialist. With a background in telecommunications, IT networking and security, Davies has shared his expertise with some of the world’s largest companies, in turn helping them to grow and secure enterprise and carrier-grade IT networks.

Davies is regularly engaged as a Keynote Speaker at security events, and will be joining the Forum Events-organised Security IT Summit to share his expertise on breach forensics within a focused group session.

Jonathan Davies

Jonathan Davies

Davies fully accepts that many business are still in the mindset of ‘When’ they’ll be breached rather than ‘If’ and will adapt his discussion to suit this approach, subsequently exploring what measures businesses can put in place to facilitate breach investigations and also examining the barriers to these sorts of investigations.

In addition, Davies will discuss the different ways of identifying a security event as well as the data that can be used in these investigations to help speed up forensic analyses.

Touching on whether breach forensic tools can be made accessible for today’s mid-range enterprises, Davies is all set to deliver an all-encompassing seminar, the content of which will be increasingly relevant for today’s businesses.

Joining Jonathan Davies at this year’s Security IT Summit will be a host of industry influencers who’ll be speaking on a variety of subjects. For further information access the event website.

Risk UK is an Official Media Partner for the Security IT Summit 2016.

*Limited places remain for both delegates and solution suppliers alike. To secure their place, delegates should contact Gillian Small (e-mail: g.small@forumevents.co.uk, telephone: 01992 374073). Suppliers are asked to contact Chris Cannon (e-mail: c.cannon@forumevents.co.uk, telephone: 01992 374096)


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