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Perpetuity Research commissioned by ICTS to conduct ‘Women in Security’ Survey

by Brian Sims

Perpetuity Research has been commissioned by ICTS to conduct a study on the experiences of women working in the security sector in order to better understand any barriers that exist to females progressing in the industry and how those barriers could be overcome.

If you’re a woman presently undertaking security tasks or managing staff that undertake physical security tasks, Perpetuity Research would very much like to hear your views.

The survey (for which all respondents will remain anonymous) takes approximately ten minutes to complete online and provides the opportunity for all participants to receive a copy of the findings once the research is complete.

The findings will be used to inform how women can best be supported and developed within the security industry in future. The deadline for responses is Friday 10 May. Click on the link to begin and complete the survey:


Perpetuity Research is urging participants to pass on the details of the survey to any female colleagues in a security role that may be interested in the topic.

*Perpetuity Research is an independent research company specialising in crime and security research. For more information visit the website: https://perpetuityresearch.com

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